10 life changing health benefits tennis has on the body

Are you looking for an easy and fun way to engage in a healthy lifestyle? Look no further than tennis! Keep reading to discover the 10 health benefits of tennis!

The sport of tennis has long been regarded as an activity that promotes both mental and physical health benefits. Not only that, but everybody can play tennis. It does not matter your height, weight, speed, or strength, you can have fun on a tennis court!

Tennis is a fantastic sport to learn as it is something you can play for the majority of your life. It is so easy to get lost in the fun you are having and not even realize all of the health benefits the game is providing for you.

Here are ten major health benefits that tennis has on the body:

1) Supports cardiovascular health

Whether you are playing singles or doubles, tennis requires movement. Though you are not running for long periods of time like you would be in soccer, tennis will elevate your heart rate as you play each and every point.

I think it is the perfect balance for cardiovascular exercise as you raise your heart rate for each point followed by a 20-30 second break before the next point. By doing this, you will significantly raise your fitness stamina. Just remember, if you are breathing heavily, you are working hard!

2) Increases range of motion

While playing tennis, your racquet acts as sort of an extension of your arm. You will often find yourself in reaching and stretching positions as most balls hit are not coming right at you.

This dynamic stretching loosens up your joints and muscles and allows you to seamlessly glide into striking the ball. The more you play, the more noticeable improvement you will see with your range of motion.

3) Improves coordination

Tennis is a game that requires strong hand-eye coordination. When playing doubles, you often have to make quick reactions when covering the net as a ball comes your way.

You must have solid reflexes in order to react and hit the ball where you want it to go. This will naturally improve the more you play.

4) Another health benefit of tennis: it promotes agility

Tennis is a quick-twitch sport that requires you to be on your toes at all times. You do not know where your opponent is going to hit the ball, meaning you have to be ready to change direction at the drop of a hat. Balance is key in the heat of a fast-paced point.

If you want to improve your tennis game, it is important to have quick foot speed. This is not something you necessarily have to train, but like anything, it should improve the more you play.

5) Allows for a time in the sun

Vitamin D exposure has been proven to be monumental for both mental and physical health. Getting the right amount of vitamin D improves your immune system, cuts down on disease risks, and ultimately makes you feel more lively!

Most tennis courts are located outside, offering you the chance to soak up the sun. Try to play in the middle of the afternoon if you can handle the heat!

Health benefit of tennis: time in the sun

6) Another great health benefit of tennis is that it provides social interaction

One of the best parts about tennis is the time spent with friends. You can’t play tennis by yourself! It is a very social game.

There is downtime between points, games, and sets. Oftentimes people use this time to crack jokes or catch up with friends. Studies have shown this social interaction can help deter the feelings of lonesomeness and depression.

A group of people playing tennis

7) Increases bone health

Osteoporosis is a major issue for many people as they increase in age. The movement of tennis increases bone health by strengthening the bones and increasing their density.

The John Hopkins Medical Journal states that weight-bearing exercises such as tennis are great for bone health as you carry the weight of your body against gravity. Not only is it important to move your body, but you should move purposefully.

Old man playing tennis

8) Helps with weight loss

If you are looking to lose weight, tennis is an activity that can help with that. Like any aerobic exercise, tennis boosts your breathing and heart rate which will help you burn calories and lose weight.

Spending one hour playing tennis is said to burn 400-500 calories. Plus, you are having fun while doing so!

9) Keeps your mind sharp

If you ask some of the world’s best tennis players, they will say the game is 90 percent mental. That applies to any and all skill levels! Tennis keeps your mind sharp by forcing you to think on your feet during a point. There is no time to stop and assess the situation during a rally!

This will keep your brain alert and sharp. By working on your mental alertness and tactical thinking, your body should naturally regulate your serotonin!

10) Our last health benefit of tennis is that it is a stress reliever

In today’s hectic world we constantly have to be ‘on’. Whether that relates to school, work, family, or just everyday life, the body and mind need a break. Tennis is the perfect option to balance out your life.

When playing tennis, your mind is freed of all the stresses you have off court. All you are focused on is hitting the ball and playing your best. It can be likened to a mini vacation for your brain!

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