4 benefits tennis has for all children

There are so many different activities and sports for kids that it can be a bit overwhelming knowing which ones to sign up for. We recommend you tennis! Have a look at this blog post to discover 4 benefits tennis has for all children!

I am here to tell you that tennis is the perfect recreational activity for children of all ages!

Tennis stimulates both the body and mind while aiding in your child’s mental and physical development.

Tennis does not require a bunch of expensive gear nor does it require a whole team of kids. It is a sport where the child can learn at their own pace without the pressure of their peers overshadowing them. Here are the four main benefits tennis will have on your children.

4 benefits tennis has for all children

Physical exercise: a great benefit for children

The first benefit that tennis has for all children is Physical Exercise.

I believe tennis is the best sport for children to play in order to get their daily dose of exercise.

Tennis uses both gross (large muscles) and fine (small muscles) motor skills. Your whole body is at work when hitting a tennis ball. It connects your head to your arms down to your legs and everything in between.

Though young children may not realize the motor skills they are developing, it is something you as a parent will certainly notice over time.

Tennis also helps balance, something that all young children seem to struggle with!

The constant stop and start nature of the game will force your child to learn how to control their body and move in a fluid manner.

Best of all, tennis is a non-contact sport!

Too often in today’s day and age we are seeing kids suffer long term consequences from injuries in contact sports. The only time you will touch another player in tennis is when you shake their hand after playing.

Another great benefit: Mental exercise

Not only does tennis challenge you physically, but mentally as well!

We all know the age old tale of how children are not fond of school and homework. Well, tennis is a brain stimulant that they WILL be fond of.

The sport of tennis challenges the brain by forcing you to think on your feet while making split-second decisions as the ball is traveling towards you.

Children are not always the best at making up their mind, but in tennis you have no other option but to make quick decisions.

On top of that, tennis dramatically boosts serotonin and endorphins in children.

According to the United States Tennis Association, tennis creates cognitive challenges that promote brain development and counteracts anxiety and depression among children.

From personal experience, some of my best childhood afternoons were spent running around on a tennis court.

Values that translate to off the court

Playing both singles and doubles, tennis is a sport that challenges kids individually and as a team. On the court, you must work to overcome adversity as you may not always be playing your A game.

While dealing with that adversity a lot of discipline, patience, and self-belief is formed within young players.

It is awesome to watch young kids’ confidence grow each time they step on a court. Tennis is a game where you will make mistakes, it is how you bounce back from those mistakes that define you. This is a perfect analogy to life.

Tennis, at its core, is a problem-solving game.

Like chess, a move is made, there is a thoughtful break, then another move is made. While children first learn to play the game by just trying to hit the ball over the net, as they progress so will their strategy.

Former American world number 1 tennis player Jimmy Connors always said that tennis is 90 percent mental.

These problem-solving skills can directly be used in all facets of life.

Tennis court

The most important benefit that tennis has for all children: FUN

The most important factor of it all is that tennis is fun!

When choosing an activity/sport to start your child in, it is very important that they enjoy themselves while doing it.

Tennis provides that enjoyment as your child can work at their own pace and will never feel as if he/she is inferior to their peers.

Coaches and trainers have all kinds of different drills and games that teach the basics of tennis while also giving your child a sense of accomplishment.

On top of this, tennis is a game your child can enjoy for most of their life. Unlike a sport like football where most stop playing after high school, tennis is referred to as the sport of a lifetime!

A love of the game developed now will certainly be a big factor in your child continuing to play tennis throughout their life.

Tennis Lessons in San Francisco

Now that you know all the benefits of your child playing tennis, what’s next?

First, you will want to check out my previous post on the beginners guide to tennis. This will give you a few tips on what type of gear and facilities you need to get started.

Next, you will want to visit HOKALI to book your tennis lessons!

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Lessons are invaluable to kids learning the game as a coach will help them learn specifics of tennis compared to them boundlessly swinging and running around.

Our tennis coaches have a ton of experience giving lessons to children and make the time very enjoyable and rewarding!

Good luck on your child’s tennis journey!

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