Your ultimate surfer gift guide

If you’ve ever wanted to know the perfect item to gift the surfer in your life for a birthday, holiday, special occasion, or even a Wednesday afternoon, well, you’ve come to the right place!

Lucky for you, gifts for surfers can be very accessible and you can find the perfect gift for your closest friend, or a simple token to give someone you know that won’t break the bank. Read on to find out the best gifts for all budgets.

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1) Surf wax + care package: $5 and up

This is perhaps the simplest gift you can give to that surfer in your life. And trust me — they are guaranteed to use it!

A block of wax will run you anywhere from $1 – $5 so it also makes a good starting point to personalize a surfer care package… think bar of wax, sunscreen, towel, etc… You can combine items to create a perfect customized surfer gift basket for someone you know.

This is also a great gift if you’re not unsure about the person’s taste or preferences. Anyone who surfs needs to have wax on hand… and chances are, is running low!

Just make sure that you choose the right wax for the water temperature, e.g. tropical or cold water wax. To spice it up, you can include a wax box with a wax comb to scrape and remove the wax.

Another great addition to the all-encompassing surfer care package is a pickle wax remover. This is very useful if you are removing the wax from your board to clean and rewax. The tiny microfibers help to remove even the thinnest residual layers of your wax and restore your board to its freshest yet.

2) Wetsuit: $250 and up

A wetsuit is a perfect gift for someone you know well, especially as winter rolls around.

This is the highest ticket item on the list, but definitely, a necessity that brings immense value to every surfer.

A good wetsuit can last years and makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying your surf session in colder temperatures.

Before you shop, make sure you know the proper wetsuit thickness for the water temperature and the season. Additionally, you can find a selection of wetsuits on HOKALI’s newly launched online shop. Check it out!

3) Fins: $35 – $120

If you have someone who regularly longboards, you might consider getting him or her a center fin.

This takes a little bit of knowledge before you choose something, but having a quiver of fins is important for surfing different-sized waves and different conditions.

In the same way that an experienced surfer will strive to have a complete board quiver, one will also want to have a few different fins to swap in and out. The good thing is, center fins are pretty universal and designed to fit all center fin boxes.

Visit your local surf shop, and talk to the workers as they will probably be able to tell you about some popular choices. (P.S. ask the person what size fin he or she typically rides… 9 inch? 9.5? 10? This will give you a better idea when you’re picking out something). For reference, a high-quality fiberglass fin can run you anywhere from $75 – 100.

Besides traditional longboards, you can also shop Perfect Storm Fins if you know if someone has a Wavestorm or another similar foam board and is looking to switch up their setup! These fins come in different styles, for example, single fin, twin kit, and bonzer.

For shortboarders, fin setups can vary, but you also have the option of picking out a set of shortboard fins depending on preferences.

Shortboard fin boxes are either made for future fins or FCS fins, so make sure you choose the correct model when you are purchasing. One example would be this FCS II Performer PC Carbon Tri Set.

4) Sunscreen: $25 – $40

Another option you can incorporate into your gift basket or care package! Sunscreen can be a great addition for the surfer in your life.

Make sure you shop the reef-safe varieties for ocean use: avoid chemicals like oxybenzone, avobenzone, and octinoxate, and instead look for sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as the primary ingredient.

Read more about what reef safe means and how to shop reef safe products here!

5) Towel poncho: $55 – $70

If you know someone who you can see rocking a towel poncho, it is a great addition for every surfing expedition!

Not only is it super warm and cozy, but it’s the perfect solution for both changing and drying off after a surf session.

My favorite towel ponchos are outfitted with a hood and pockets. It’s easy to throw on, keeps you dry on the drive home, and as a big blanket, you’re certain to be super comfortable.

While this gift item is more “to each their own” than some of the other items on this list, if you have the right person in mind, it can be the perfect fun and quirky surf and beach accessory.

6) Dry bag: $20 – $50

This gift is perfect for the surfer or everyday beachgoer in your life.

A sealed dry bag is waterproof and keeps all your items and valuables protected and, as the name would imply — dry!

You can take it to the beach, on the boat, or even paddle out on a flat day at sunset with a couple of drinks in tow for an awesome time on the water.

Dry bags can be purchased online or may be available at your local surf store or retailer.

7) Lastly, if you know anyone who has been dying to learn how to surf, give the gift of a lesson! Priceless!

A surf lesson with a professional instructor is the best way to reap all the wonderful benefits surfing provides as a first-timer.

Your instructor will be sure to help you catch waves and stand up on your own. This is a memorable, experiential gift that has no carbon footprint since after all, experiences are more valuable than material things.

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