Winter Surfing in San Diego

As the weather gets colder, people don’t think of going to the beach as often. While this makes sense, there are a ton of reasons to be at the beach in San Diego, even in the winter months.

Whether you’re visiting San Diego over winter break or a resident, try to get to the beach this winter!

There are plenty of things to do at the beach in San Diego but surfing should be number one on your to-do list.

San Diego’s beaches have so much to offer when it comes to surfing, especially for beginners.

Who doesn’t love summer but when it comes to waves here in San Diego, winter is the time to shred!

There is a common misconception that surfing is just a summer sport but surfing really is a year-round activity.

North and northwest swells in the winter move down to San Diego, bringing good and glassy waves.

Due to cold temperatures, microorganisms go into hibernation which makes the water much clearer. With winter comes storms. These storms produce a bigger (but not too big) wave and provide much more consistency than in the summer. Consistency is key when it comes to learning.

You won’t have to go through the hassle of reading a surf report and you can practice all week long. Practice makes perfect!

If you’ve ever been to the beach during summer in San Diego, you probably had to drive around for a while looking for parking. Well in the winter, you will feel like a VIP when you get a front-row parking spot.

Along with the parking lots and sand being less crowded, so will the water! This gives you the perfect opportunity to learn.

You will have first choice in the lineup which makes learning a lot easier. No need to worry about running into anyone or someone else stealing your waves.

Another upside with fewer crowds is that booking a lesson with HOKALI is going to be easier.

Your first thought about surfing in the winter might be about the water temperature. There’s no need to worry! With the right wetsuit, you will be perfectly warm!

The lowest water temperature will be in San Diego is 57 with the average being 60 in December. This might seem freezing to some but to others, it’s a jacuzzi.

If you went with freezing, a 4/3 full wetsuit is going to work best for you but a 3/2 also works well. If you are in need of a wetsuit, check out HOKALI’s new shop for all your surf gear needs.

Now that you have your wetsuit, you are ready to get going! San Diego offers some of the best waves for new surfers.

Winter swells come with offshore Santa Ana winds and move into Mission and Pacific Beach, creating the perfect wave for learning how to surf.

As you paddle out you might be shocked by how warm the water really is, especially in your wetsuit.

Once you are warm and in the lineup, get ready for some waves because they will be pumping.

Both Mission and Pacific Beach have great rights and lefts depending on where you are. The paddle out, even in the winter, isn’t going to tire you out so you will have enough energy to catch a ton of waves.

One of the great aspects of learning at these beaches is the sandy bottom, allowing you to wipeout without injury.

With the right wetsuit (and attitude) surfing in the winter might become your new favorite thing! Grab your board and paddle out for an awesome surfing experience with HOKALI!

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