What to expect when you hire a personal trainer

In a previous blog post, we talked about some of the top five benefits of hiring a personal trainer. Today, we will talk about what to expect when you hire a Personal Trainer!

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The article discusses how a personal trainer can help you learn new exercises, prevent injury, work around your schedule, and hold you accountable, so you are ensured to see results. If you have ever worked with a personal trainer before, you know these things already to be true. If you have never worked, but are considering it, then congrats, you’ve come to the right place!

Some common questions people have surrounding this area of expertise and fitness are: how do I know if I will like my trainer? What sort of fitness level do I have to have? What can I expect from an initial consultation?

These are all great questions and important considerations in making the leap. Perhaps this is your first time going from training in an open gym to hiring a professional to work with you one-on-one.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most important considerations when selecting a personal trainer. And hopefully debunk some of the myths and commonly held beliefs surrounding personal training, so that you can be on your way to getting stronger and more confident today! 

Keep on reading to know what to expect when you hire a personal trainer!

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1. Credentials

When you book with HOKALI, you know that the personal trainers available are certified and possess the necessary professional qualifications.

This is extremely important when seeking out a coach, so that you do not throw away your time or money. In our digital age, we are confronted nearly every single day on social media with all sorts of influencers.

Many people who look physically “fit” according to society’s definition find ways to capitalize on their influencer status by offering training plans and coaching. However, many of these individuals do not possess any of the required qualifications to call themselves personal trainers.

It is important to note the distinction between “fit individuals” and “fitness professionals.” Just because someone has a high follower count, does not necessarily mean that he or she is a better trainer!

When you choose a personal trainer at HOKALI, you can rest easy knowing that the coaches have obtained the appropriate certification for their field of specialization. And have the proper amount of experience.

2. Style / specialization

This brings us to the next important thing to consider when looking for a trainer: style and specialization. There are many different types of trainers out there for whatever type of coaching you are looking for.

What’s super unique about personal training is that personal trainers come from very diverse backgrounds, all with a shared passion for fitness. There are trainers hired to help you excel in competitive sports, integrate cross training like running or swimming, or just help you to familiarize yourself with basic gym equipment.

Make sure to consider what type of progress you are looking to make in your personal fitness journey… As it is sure to look a bit different for every individual in content and scope. Find a trainer who will be the best match for you based on your level and goals.

For example, a college athlete who is looking to improve performance and skill would want to look for someone who has experience training high level athletes. Someone who has never set foot in a gym before would want a nurturing coach. He will encourage and help foster a healthy attitude around fitness and working out.

Style can also be considered personality. Do you prefer a more soft-spoken easy-going coach who always makes it fun, or do you want someone who’s going to push you to you limits and up the ante in every workout? We recommend doing your research and reading up on different coaches. Then, focus your first session around building rapport and making sure your coach is the correct fit for you. Remember – a personal trainer is there for you and only you!

What else can you expect when hiring a personal trainer?

Almost always, personal trainers will encourage you to do a little “homework,” outside of sessions, in order to reap the full benefits and see steady results. This means, simply put, applying what you’ve learned on your own time. Some trainers will have weekly or monthly training plans or guides for you to follow so that you have a structured regimen week-to-week. Others may just ask that you train x days a week outside of training.

Remember, your goals don’t work unless you do. Part of committing to a trainer means committing to the plan. This is a conversation that is likely to be had between you and your coach and is different for each individual. The great part about personal training is that it is flexible to your time, budget, and needs.

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Track your goals

A trainer will likely have you set measurable goals and track your progress overtime. Depending on what those goals are, this could be measurements, weight, BMI, speed, distance, etc.

Obviously, someone looking to lose weight will use different metrics than someone training to run a marathon, but the idea is that you will be able to measure and quantify your progress.

In addition to numbers, before and after photos can also be a good indication of physical progress – results don’t come overnight, so progress photos can help you visualize progress over time.

When it comes to personal training, you know best your own body and your body’s limitations. While having a personal trainer will help you to become aware of your exertion and working range, you do not want to risk injury to prove your strength or mental toughness, as this could ultimately set you ever further back in your progress!

Honor your body, trust the process, and get started today!

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