What to expect at your first spinning lesson

Ever had those moments that feel like you need to up the ante on a workout? Do you keep trying to find new routines that can help you work out better?

Or a new routine because the one you have feels like it’s not benefiting you?

Well, look no further because when it comes to more workouts HOKALI is always here to help.

Speaking of new workout routines, have you ever tried or wanted to do spinning?

Spinning is an elevated version of using gym bikes when working out. Picture yourself doing aerobics however instead of working out standing your using a stationary bike that can help you visualise an outdoor workout.

When you do a spinning class from the pace and the speed of the workout you will get a chance to use your muscles in another extraordinary way.

Before we get to the advice let’s talk about stretching, I know it sounds boring and sometimes can be tedious.

Stretching can is what will help you in the long run because when you stretch your muscles will loosen and that makes it easier to become more flexible.

When spinning there is a lot to do and learn, just forget the ordinary 20 minutes of workout at the gym spinning adds a little bit of spice to just “working out”.

So without further ado let’s talk about the things you should know before you go to your first spinning class.

Always feel comfortable

When you work out you don’t want to feel restricted with your clothing, the more you sweat then the tighter they feel.

It’s always important to wear the right clothing and shoes, no one wants to work out when their feet feel like their trapped in a bear claw.

With spinning this is important because your shoes will determine your pace, too tight and it would be difficult to cycle.

Too big and it will feel like you are barely doing anything.

Always remember to carry a water bottle and a towel to feel your cool down and wipe down.

The right fit

Just like swimming, golfing, surfing or any kind of activity having an instructor that you not only like but will continue to challenge is crucial.

When searching for your instructor take the time to go and see the classes.

This is will feel you get feel of the instructor and then determine whether they are the right fit for you.

This may seem simple but sometimes it’s not, it could be the music, or tone of voice that can alter your decision.

Your instructor should make you feel helpful, informative, and motivational and also knows the right cues for the class with your form and pace.

Remember your instructor is like what you wear to work out, if it doesn’t fit then don’t choose them.

What to expect at your first spinning lesson

La Resistance

Once you have chosen the right fit for you with your classes and the instructor it is important to note that throughout the session you will be in control.

By control I mean your resistance, this is the part where you decide your pace.

Don’t overdo it!

If you use too much resistance you would feel your legs having a harder time pedalling and trust me it won’t result in you having great legs.

You will instead weaken the muscles in your legs and lower back.

As you go throughout the classes your instructor will prompt you to add resistance but you don’t have to.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Take your time to figure out your resistance from the first session and if you feel like you are pedalling in the ocean then you have gone too far.

Challenge yourself in levels.

When it comes to your posture when cycling if you feel that you are not doing it correctly that is what your instructor is for.

They will help you adjust your posture better to your workout is beneficial.

Add more to do more

If you would like a chance not only to work out your legs, then don’t worry some classes incorporate hand weights.

When it comes to picking out the weights remember not to pick heavy weights because this will affect your speed and your overall performance when cycling.

It is recommended that you chose the lighter weights and you will not be using these weights all the time.

There will be intervals that your instructor will ask you to pick up the weights.

Now, don’t worry should you not want to use weights then do the exercise without them, it will still be a great workout.

Break in, break out

As this is your first spinning session, you may not be used to the speed of the class and may feel tired quicker than the veterans of the class.

That’s okay to take a breather whilst you spinning if you want to pause don’t feel bad and don’t worry about what the instructor would say because they would understand.

Remember as I mentioned earlier this is a marathon and not a sprint.

If you want to take a break, it is best to take off your resistance and begin to pedal slower.

This is will so that when you are done taking your break your legs won’t be having a difficult time trying to pedal.

Once your heart rate has gone down begin to pedal again and add resistance as you go on.

What to expect at your first spinning lesson

When it comes to spinning, they are more variables to discuss and more to explore and as you become more used to it then you can constantly challenge yourself more.

Increasing resistance, adding slightly heavier weights, and going to a more advanced spinning class.

All of these are more things you can do once you have taken the opportunity to do spinning.

However, remember regardless of your choices and the advanced classes it’s always important to keep in mind that you should always go at your own pace.

Spinning is a great idea to up your cycling game and work out in a new way.

If this is something that you are considering then check out our website at HOKALI we offer different sessions that may be to your liking.

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