Top 5 Reasons to hire a personal trainer

Though the advent of personal training and one-on-one coaching is not a new phenomenon in our increasingly busy and jam-packed lives, it is important to set aside time for self-care. Keep reading to discover our top 5 reasons to hire a Personal Trainer!

Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to ensure that you are taking care of your body. And making time for yourself, too!

Self-care takes many different shapes and forms for every different individual and scenario. But one form of on-going, routine self-care is most definitely caring for your body! Exercising, eating right, and preserving the longevity of your muscles, bones, and all the things that help you get through the day—every day!

Reasons to hire a personal trainer

Personal training can be a great way of practicing self-care and has many benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. Anyone from the newbie who has not yet incorporated fitness into his or her lifestyle, to the advanced athlete looking to take training to the next level, personal training can be an excellent resource for all.

Though there are many different approaches to fitness – including home workouts, public gyms, and fitness classes, to name a few… There are great advantages to working with a personal trainer.

Here are our top 5:

5. Learn new exercises to incorporate into your current routine

Working with a personal trainer can be an excellent way to diversify your current workout routine. If you are someone who already has experience working out.

A personal trainer will introduce you to new compound and isolation exercises to best support your goals.

This may be in the form of a new drill, technique, exercise, or even a warm up or cool down. This type of variety in a routine supports performance across the board, in sports and athletics.

4. Discover new interests and passions

Working one-on-one with a trainer may lead to you discovering a new area of fitness you are passionate about that you had never explored!

Many personal trainers have diverse backgrounds and education in different sports and sports sciences.

Training outside

There are trainers out there that implement everything from high intensity interval training, to pilates, yoga, weight lifting, and calisthenics.

In addition, personal trainers will help you develop routines with lots of variety, tailored to what you already enjoy! But also contributing something new. For example, if you already have a gym membership, a trainer might teach you how to best use all the machines while incorporating some body weight exercises.

Through these different outlets, you may find that you gravitate towards a particular form of movement that will set you on a new path in your fitness journey. Even if you are expanding on a type of fitness you already like, the insights you can gain from an expert are unmatched.

Your trainer will develop a routine for you with plenty of variety. This may include machines, free weights, bodyweight exercises, and cardio. No two workout days will be the same, making each day fun and new. There are also personal trainers who will work out with you outdoors. So that you can profit from some fresh air and experience nature!

3. Another reason to hire a Personal Trainer: Preventing injury

Part of the responsibility of a personal trainer is to make sure that you are training in the safest way possible… And not training in a way that will compromise your muscles, joints, and your progress or your ability to train at a higher level.

Personal trainers are not just fit people who work out all the time… Personal trainers are professionals who have studied and become certified to teach you how to train in the safest and most effective way possible.

2. Have an accountability measure

With a public gym membership or even a workout class, there is no one but yourself incentivizing you to attend. You can freely not show up if you choose not to (or cancel in the upcoming hours).

Having a built-in accountability partner (your trainer) will keep you more consistent, and as a result, help you to get the results you want. Consistency is key!

Your personal trainer will not bail. Your trainer will develop a routine for you with plenty of variety. This may include machines, free weights, bodyweight exercises, and cardio. No two workout days will be the same, making each day fun and new.

With the accountability piece also comes flexibility. A personal trainer can be worked around your schedule so that, while you are still prioritizing your fitness goals, you are making it feasible for your lifestyle. Unlike a workout class, where you have to go at the designated times, there are trainers who can work with you early in the morning or whatever time you both can agree upon.

Indoor training

1. Best reason to hire a Personal Trainer: See results!

Lastly, coming up on the number one reason you should get a personal trainer: see results! Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose weight, lose fat, get strong, run faster, take your sport to the next level, a personal trainer exists to deliver a custom plan for you to get those results that you want.

There are studies that have shown that strength improvements are greater with a personal trainer than without. This is probably because you have someone—an expert—guiding you through the routine and correcting your form, which you can then apply to your solo workouts.

This is a huge benefit especially to beginners. A very common expressed concern among people who are new to working out or going to the gym is that they are nervous to use the machine wrong or to go into a packed gym full of people.

A personal trainer is like a trusted guide to put one’s mind at ease and demystify the whole process of working out. A personal trainer can become a guide, mentor, trusted resource, and friend to anyone and any point on their fitness journey.

The benefits of a personal trainer are not strictly physical, either. In addition to the physical gains, your body, mind and spirit will thank you!

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