Tips and Tricks to Help Your Tennis Serve

The serve is one of the most important shots in a tennis player’s arsenal. The serve sets the tone for the point. A good serve can get your opponent off balance while allowing you to win a very quick point.

Over on our HOKALI YouTube page, we created a quick video that details tips and tricks to help YOU with your serve.

The Setup

When setting up your serve, you will want to establish a routine that is comfortable for you.

As you walk up to the baseline, come up with a plan in your head. Do you want to hit the ball up the middle or out wide? Are you going to hit a full serve or a safe serve? These are two important questions that you should ask yourself before you hit your serve.

Having a plan before you hit a serve is half of the battle. A mapped out plan will allow you to visualize your success while not overthinking the serve.

The Swing

Start with the ball and racquet positioned in front of you.

As you start your service motion, bring the racquet behind your body and up over your head. At the same time, you want to toss the tennis ball up in the air.

A good toss is very crucial to the success of your serve.

The height and position of your ball toss will vary on comfortability, but I recommend tossing it three feet above your head and one foot out in front of you. The higher you toss the ball, the harder it is to control.

As the ball goes up, keep your eye directly on it. Your opponent may move around, but your focus should be solely on the ball.

You want to contact the ball right as it starts its descent from your toss. The timing is something that you will have to work on, but it will come more naturally with practice.

The Finish

As you make contact with the ball, make sure to follow through on your swing to generate the most powerful and accurate shot possible.

You want your racquet arm to finish on the opposite side of your body as your tossing arm stays close to your body to stabilize yourself.

Immediately after the serve you will want to balance yourself with your feet perpendicular to the net.

Getting yourself into what is often referred to as ‘the ready position’ quickly after your serve is important. Odds are the ball will be coming back quickly and you want to be in the best position to put a good swing on it.

Your serve can win or lose you a match.

It is one of the most important shots to be consistent with as you find yourself hitting dozens and dozens of serves per match.

When it comes to serving, having a plan is important. Follow the steps we have provided and also look at our YouTube video for a visual representation of these service tricks.

Make sure to check out the HOKALI website to put these serving tricks to good use with one of our talented coaches! The best way to work on your serve is to practice these tips with a knowledgeable coach.

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