Therapeutic effects of Yoga

Yoga has quickly become a very popular activity whether you are doing it for a workout or to clear your mind. While there is an array of physical benefits, the practice of yoga has an abundance of therapeutic benefits. Yoga was originally intended to promote inner peace and self awareness as a way to prepare for meditation so no wonder it has so many benefits. Keep reading to discover some therapeutic effects of Yoga.

While yoga is a great workout that improves flexibility, mobility, and balance, it has so many aspects of mental healing. Yoga is widely known to promote mental health so let’s look at some of the ways it does so.

Stress relief is one of the main ways yoga is going to be beneficial to your mental health.

The physical aspect of yoga can relieve tension and alleviate pain in your body which is going to reduce your mental stress as our mental well-being is very closely related to our physical well-being.

We are less stressed when our bodies are feeling good. Yoga can also lower your heart rate which is going to reduce stress. A faster heart rate is our physiological response to stress… So being able to lower your heart rate is going to allow you to reduce stress. The breathing techniques and exercises are another way yoga reduces stress levels.

Therapeutic effects of Yoga

The practice of yoga requires focusing on the present which allows our bodies to switch to the parasympathetic nervous system. 

The parasympathetic system is also known as the “rest and digest” which means we are not in a state of fight or flight.

When we switch to this nervous system, our stress levels are going to lower as we are not in a state of panic. This is going to lower blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and levels of cortisol. Focus is something many of us struggle with. Yoga requires a deep sense of focus and concentration as you hold different positions for a period of time. While focus is going to be essential in your practice of yoga, this increased ability to focus is going to transfer over to your everyday life. 

Yoga promotes a balanced energy which is going to interact with our hypothalamus. 

Our hypothalamus is a key part in our feelings of fear which is often correlated with stress. Yoga tends to inhibit this part of our brain while activating our pleasure centers therefore reducing stress. 

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Yoga releases endorphins!

Just like many other workouts or forms of physical activity, your body is going to release endorphins. Endorphins are basically your brain’s pain reliever. This brain chemical fights off and protects from stress. Sweat out your stress!

Center yourself for an overall better quality of life!

Yoga’s practice of centering oneself is going to allow you to look into your thoughts and really analyze those.

When you have that hour to slow down, breathe, and meditate, you are able to think about what is actually going on in your life. Also, you are able to think what you can do to decrease negative thoughts and increase positive ones.

You can set goals and create a plan to achieve those goals. Looking into the inner working of your mind is going to allow you to improve your lifestyle and well being. If you can get your head in a good place while doing yoga, that good feeling will carry on the rest of your day. 

Being physically healthy correlates to good mental health!

Physical activity is so important to mental health. As we discussed before, your body releases endorphins when being active. Moving one’s body is directly related to mental well being.

When your body is feeling good, your thoughts tend to follow. Exercising, such as yoga, is going to increase your energy levels. And this is going to make the rest of your day easier and more pleasant. 

Yoga is known to have an array of therapeutic benefits and these are just some of those.

The practice of yoga is going to act as a natural stress reliever… And teach you many other practices that are going to increase your overall mental health and well being.

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