The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Tennis

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to pick up a new hobby that helps me get off the couch and exercise but is also fun”? We have all had this thought! I am here to tell you that tennis, yes tennis, is the perfect game to help you get up and active while having fun! Have a look at this ultimate beginners guide to tennis!

Tennis may seem complicated and confusing, but I am here to tell you it’s not! I will walk you through the steps to getting out on the court and having fun.

Tennis is a sport that can and is enjoyed by all ages and genders. It is a fun way to get some exercise while also being social with your peers! Whether you are looking to pick up an after-school hobby or are newly retired and need a way to stay active, tennis is for you.

Tennis keeps you happy and healthy! I have outlined the four key steps you must take in order to get out there and start playing the awesome game of tennis.

Our beginners guide to tennis starts with: Finding the correct gear

Compared to many other sports, you do not need much gear to get started playing tennis. The essentials include a tennis racquet and some tennis balls.

Though there are many different kinds of racquets out there, any option at your local sporting goods store is suitable. The cheapest racquet at the store may be about $50 dollars. Look at it as an investment in your health and future hobby of tennis.

Besides the racquet and balls, it is important to wear active clothes and shoes that you can run around in. Tennis-specific clothes/shoes are certainly not required, just make sure you wear something that is comfortable while allowing you to move!

Tennis racquet for beginners

The second item of our beginners guide to tennis is: Finding a court

Tennis is a game that must be played on a specific court. The court is important as it has a proper net in the middle with lines marking specific aspects of the court surrounding it. The good news is tennis courts are everywhere! Odds are there is an option for you near your home, just give it an online search like tennis courts near me.

Tennis is played on three main surfaces: clay, concrete, and grass. For beginners, I suggest playing on concrete.

A concrete court often referred to as a “hard court”, is what you will find at your local parks and schools. Concrete courts allow the balls to bounce well which will help you when trying to make contact with it.

Make sure to check if a reservation is needed to play on the court near your home. Oftentimes courts will be marked with signs along the fence that will let you know how to secure yourself a time to play.

Tennis court

Find someone to play with

After you get your tennis gear and find a court near you, you have to find someone to play with! You can go about this in many ways, and there really is no right or wrong route.

Ideally, if you are just starting out, you want to play with someone who has a bit of tennis experience. This way, they can help you practice by hitting the ball in places where you can easily swing and make contact. Oftentimes a family member or friend is available for this role.

Another great option is to find a tennis instructor in your area! Instructors are a great way to learn the basics of the game and improve your swing. They do a great job at giving you confidence in your game. They will help you immensely when it comes to learning how to properly strike the tennis ball.

Personally, I like to get a few tennis lessons from an instructor in order to learn a few tips and tricks to take with me when I am playing with others.

The final option is to find a stranger to play with. If this is not comfortable for you, you can 100 percent avoid it. With that being said, tennis is a social game that offers a lot of opportunities to make new friends! If you are looking to meet new people to play with, look towards local tennis clubs or websites like Ultimate Tennis.

Tennis players on the court

Have fun

The most important part of playing tennis is having fun! When you are out there just beginning, it may not feel natural to you. You may be swinging and missing at balls or hitting them all over the place. That’s OK! 

Not one person has ever walked on a tennis court and mastered the game the first time they played. It is important to remember that you are exercising out in the sun while having a good time! Never get too down on yourself.

I highly recommend your first few times on the court to avoid any competitive play. Enjoy trying to rally the ball over the net with your partner. Work on hitting the ball from both sides of your body.

The last item of our beginners guide to tennis is: Don’t try and swing too hard

Most beginners think hitting the ball like a rocket is important. I am here to tell you, it is not. The consistency of hitting the ball over the net is much more important than hitting it hard.

Beginner Tennis player on the court

I hope this guide has helped motivate you to get out there, pick up a racquet, and give tennis a shot! It is truly a great game for all ages and genders that is enjoyed in every corner of the globe.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out all the other great content on HOKALI and look out for my weekly tennis article to help YOU enjoy this great game. 

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