A list of the best (and prettiest) golf courses in California

While golfing is an awesome sport and pastime, you can’t just do it anywhere. Luckily in California, golf is so popular we have courses everywhere! Here is a list of some of the best (and prettiest) golf courses in California!

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Once you have had a few lessons with our coaches at HOKALI, you can get golfing on some awesome courses!

Pasatiempo Golf Course

After you have mastered your swing in the Bay Area, try golfing in Santa Cruz at Pasatiempo Golf Course! (No membership needed)

Pasatiempo is a semi-private course which means anyone is allowed to golf here, it just depends on the time of day.

If you want to practice just a little bit more before you get out on the green, Pasatiempo has a driving range. Another plus to this golf course is how walkable it is if you are trying to get some extra steps in. You can enjoy 18 holes in a beautiful area!

Pasatiempo golf course

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Moving down to Monterey, you can golf at world famous Pebble Beach Golf Links.

This course is said to be the number one public golf course in the United States and there is a good reason for it.

You may be too distracted by the beauty of this course to even take a swing.

Located upon a cliff overlooking the ocean, there is no doubting the scenery of this course. Not only is it known for its setting, but this course hosts the U.S. Open and PGA Tour.

If it is good enough for the pros, it is surely good enough for me. Pebble Beach has more to offer than just their Golf Links, they also have Spyglass Hill Golf Course and The Links at Spanish Bay. 

Palm Springs Golf courses

Heading to Southern California, there are golf courses galore. Palm Springs is home to many golfers as you can golf almost everyday here. In order to accommodate all the golfers, there are a looot of courses. 

Indian Wells Golf Resort is one of the top golf courses in Palm Springs.

This is one of the few courses that features 36 holes. The view isn’t too bad here either; you will be surrounded by beautiful desert mountains.

When you need to cool off, head over to their awesome clubhouse and grab a snack!

Golf course in San Francisco, California

Next up in Palm Springs is the PGA WEST resort which has not one but five amazing golf courses. 

  1. TPC Stadium 
  2. Jack Nicklaus Course (PGA Tour qualifying school takes place here!)
  3. Greg Norman Course
  4. Mountain Course
  5. Dunes Course

If you are looking for more than just mountains and cactuses, take your golf cart over to the Classic Club golf course.

Designed by Arnold Palmer, this course is like no other in Palm Springs. There is an abundance of water features and bridges, making it quite a fun scenery for a day on the green.

Aside from your run of the mill cactuses you can find some other native California trees. 

When looking for a quaint course, head over to Indian Canyons Golf Resort. They offer both a North Course and South Course which are located in Palm Springs’ canyon area. 

Indian Canyons Golf Resort was the go-to golf course for old Hollywood stars and still remains very traditional.

This course is said to be one of the better priced courses in Palm Springs which is a positive. 

Pelican Hill Golf Club

Heading back to the coast, you will find yourself in Orange County where golf remains a popular pastime for many. 

Probably one of the prettiest courses in the OC is Pelican Hill, located in Newport Beach. This course overlooks the ocean at almost each of the 18 holes. Only downside is that it is on the pricier side. 

The Links Golf Course

Still pricey but half the price of Pelican Hill is The Links at Monarch Beach. 

The Links is going to provide similar ocean views to Pelican Hill plus some other great scenery.

So if you are looking for that ocean view tee off but not willing to break the bank, head over to The Links at Monarch Beach!

Torrey Pines Golf Course

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best golf courses in California is the Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego!

The Torrey Pines course views might leave you breathless. This course sits atop a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Aside from the beautiful ocean views, you will be surrounded by Torrey Pine trees.

The views aren’t the only great thing here, the course hosts a stop on the ​​PGA Tour every year which means it must be a pretty nice course.

Wherever you decide to golf and whether it be one of these suggestions, try to avoid having to yell “fore!” and most importantly, have fun! 

New to golfing? Have a look at this beginner’s guide!

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