The benefits of having a Surf Buddy

Maybe you just took your first surf lesson or are looking to book one but you want a buddy to surf with you. Discover some of the benefits of having a surf buddy!

Here you will learn who to pick, and how to convince them to get out there and catch some waves with you!

One of the awesome things about surfing is that it can be a solo sport but what’s even better is that it can also be a social activity. Surfing is a great way to get out and exercise in nature so convincing someone to join you should not be too difficult.

Why go surfing with a buddy? There are many reasons but safety may be the most important!

Safety in the ocean is paramount, especially as you are first beginning to surf. Having a partner to paddle out with can ease some worry about staying safe in the water. No need to worry though if you go out alone, everyone in the surf community looks out for one another. You have probably heard of the buddy system before and this surely applies to surfing.

The benefits of having a surf buddy

Another great reason to find a surfing buddy is the accountability that comes with it.

Maybe you are feeling lazy or short of confidence one morning when you are planning on surfing.

Having a surfing buddy will motivate you to go out and practice your skills because you probably won’t want to let them down.

This will increase your consistency and therefore increase your confidence and skills in the water.

Surfing with a companion is great for encouragement!

Aside from accountability, surfing with a companion is great for encouragement because who doesn’t love to be cheered on!

Having a friend to surf with is going to make you more comfortable in the lineup as you won’t feel so alone.

Friends are also great for tips and critiques on your surfing skills with (hopefully) no hard feelings.

You might not think of surfing as a sport with a huge crowd cheering you on, but having a friend to acknowledge your awesome waves and accomplishments can go a long way, too.

There are even benefits to having a surf buddy, outside the water!

You can get good tips on wetsuits, surfboards, and wax but most importantly, the two of you can carpool!

Carpooling is awesome as it is going to be more eco-friendly than you both driving to the same beach.

This is also beneficial if one of you has a small car that’s not going to fit surfboards and people. Car rides together will give you the opportunity to talk about everything from the surf forecast to your favorite music.

Surfing with friends is going to be more fun than surfing alone!

It is an awesome way to meet up and connect with your friends!

You might be wondering how surfing can be a shared activity but there are plenty of ways to make it one.

For one, it is pretty easy to chit chat while you both are paddling out, and don’t forget about the time to chat in between sets.

Another super fun thing about surfing with friends is what we call party waves! This is when you and your friend catch and ride the same wave, resulting in shared fun. Speaking of shared fun, have you ever heard of tandem surfing?

It starts out as a party wave and either you or your friend try to jump on the other’s board. While this can be pretty difficult, it sure is fun to try. Just make sure you are using foam boards to avoid injury and damage to your surfboard.

You can book a couple lesson!

If you are thinking about learning how to surf, book a lesson with HOKALI! You can book a couple lesson so that you and your new surfing buddy can learn together.

Taking a lesson is going to teach you all of the ins and outs of surfing and promote your confidence in the water.

Booking a lesson with a friend is even better as the two of you can learn and practice together. If you are wanting to surf with more than just one friend, HOKALI offers group lessons as well.

Taking a surf lesson is a sure way to show your friends how much fun surfing can be and hopefully encourage you and them to keep surfing!

Finding a surfing buddy should not be too hard as you can learn to surf at pretty much any age

Whether you want to surf with your parents, younger sibling, a friend, significant other, or even a coworker, anyone can learn to surf and who knows, it might just become their favorite hobby!

It also might be your new favorite hobby to do with them and can bring you closer to your loved ones. Surfing is a great shared hobby as it doesn’t require everyone to be at the same skill level and it doesn’t have to be competitive (unless that’s your guys’ dynamic, of course).

Another cool thing about surfing is that it can be done pretty much anywhere near an ocean or wave pool of some sort. HOKALI offers lessons in Hawaii, California, and Florida which are perfect places to learn.

Man surfing with his dog

If you are the kind of person that does everything with your dog, you can even surf with your furry friend!

Surfing with your dog has become increasingly popular and there are even doggy surf competitions!

You might end up doing most of the work but it still is guaranteed fun and laughter.

There are many benefits of having your dog swim and surf. For instance, it will increase their strength and balance.

It is important to familiarize your dog with the surfboard first and maybe even give them a demo on the land of how you paddle and stand up.

This way they can have an understanding of what is going on once you take them out in the water. While you might not have your best surf session, it will definitely be a good time for both you and your dog!

Surfing is a wonderful hobby regardless but surfing with a buddy is going to make it that much more enjoyable! Find a friend and go catch some waves.

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