Beginner surf etiquette

As a beginner learning how to surf, learning the etiquette is as critical to the sport as is the techniques and skills involved on the board. Proper etiquette is how you show respect to the sport, the ocean, and one another (especially locals and/or more experienced surfers). It is also essential to stay safe and keep others safe in the water!

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Surf Strength & Athleticism for Beginner Surfers

New to surfing? Absolutely love it but wish you didn’t suck so much? We hear you – every beginner surfer has to figure out how to get their body in surf shape and stay in surf shape. There are four fundamental movement patterns that drastically improve your surf strength – push, pull, squat, and lunge – all of which can be worked on in a few simple bodyweight exercises for free and at home.

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5 ways to keep your keys safe while surfing

Getting ready to head out for your upcoming surf lesson but unsure of what to do with your keys? Well, you should know that most people have had the exact same thoughts when starting their surfing journey. Every beginner surfer should do their best to learn to prioritize their keys early on. Down below are five different ways you can keep your prized possessions safe while out in the ocean!

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14 terms every surfer should know

Are you a beginner surfer eager to learn more about this ocean activity? Are you looking to better prepare yourself for your upcoming session in the big blue? Well, something you should know is that surfing terminology is one of the most important aspects for every beginner’s success. It can make understanding both fellow surfers and surfing as a whole much easier. Down below are 14 basic terms that every surfer should know to better prepare for their next session!

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