Safety and fun in crowded lineups

The following is sure to be a shared experience among surfers: you are all ready to surf, you finally got off work, the waves are firing, wind conditions are perfectly off-shore, you drive to your destination, paddle out and see you are in the worst crowd imaginable. Perhaps it is the popularity of the spot, […]

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Fin setups: everything you need to know

By now you have probably heard some surf language pertaining to fin setups; if you don’t recognize it yet, this article will have you feeling confident and in-the-know about the various types of fin setups and what each one means. Fins are a key part of how your board will feel underfoot and perform in the water, and like a lot of things in surfing, it’s really up to you what you like.

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What is surf style?

You may hear people talk about surfers that have amazing style, and you might ask yourself, what does it mean to have style? And in fact, there may not be only one right answer; style may have different meanings depending on who you ask. Wave riding is as much of an art as it is a sport and athletic endeavor.

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A guide to surfing in Half Moon Bay

The Bay Area is known for its sights such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz which means people often overlook its coastal features. Surfing in NorCal is just as popular as surfing in SoCal and arguably may have better waves. Half Moon Bay is just one of the highlights of surfing in the Bay Area but it is not one to miss!

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