Surf movies that inspire and motivate (and make you laugh)

Surfing has become much more than just a sport, for some, it is a way of life. No wonder there are so many movies about it! Here is your list of some of the best surf movies that inspire and motivate you to paddle out.

From an original, The Endless Summer, to movies such as Surf’s Up, movies about surfing range from emotional and technical to hilarious. Whichever you prefer, there is a surf movie for you.

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1. Chasing Mavericks

This inspirational movie follows a kid on his surfing journey, all the way to surfing Mavericks. The story is based off of Jay Moriarity, an absolute surf legend who accomplished surfing Mavericks. Not only does this movie inspire you to surf but it inspires you to Live Like Jay.

2. The Endless Summer

This classic pretty much created surf culture. This movie follows Robert August and Mike Hynson as they follow the summer around the world, surfing at every iconic spot. They even got to surf waves that had never even been surfed before. This movie is a cinematic masterpiece narrated by Bruce Brown, who details the boys’ adventure.

3. Soul Surfer

Anybody who surfs (and not) has heard of Bethany Hamilton, who was attacked by a shark while surfing. While this incident may discourage someone from ever getting in the ocean again, Hamilton went on to become a professional surfer. The movie follows her journey from before the attack to her recovery and her courageous decision to surf again. While this movie is inspirational to all, it has an emphasis on encouraging anyone disabled or impaired to try something they might not have the courage to do.

4. Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable

This documentary follows Bethany Hamilton after her attack as an adult. It goes into detail of her struggles with getting back to surfing and learning how to surf with one arm. Viewers also get a look into her personal life and her motherhood. Hearing from her personally is both heart wrenching and inspiring.

5. Blue Crush

While this movie is much lighter than the ones previously mentioned, it is a personal favorite. Growing up and even now, women have been misrepresented in the surfing world and this movie sheds some light on that. Anne Marie, our main character, just wants to surf Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu but faces the boys yelling at her and taking her waves. She doesn’t let that stop her from surfing and although she doesn’t win Pipeline, she surfs an amazing wave and becomes a surfing superstar. This movie alone inspired me as a young girl to surf and hold my ground with the boys in the water.

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6. Surf’s Up

These talking penguins are sure to make anyone laugh. With characters like Kelly and Rob, played by professional surfers, Kelly Slater and Rob Machado, the surf experience is pretty accurate. This movie is both playful and fun while encouraging a younger audience to surf. The story follows a young, Cody Maverick, on his way to win a competition while on the way learns some lessons both about surfing and life.

7. Riding Giants

This movie follows the story and passion of big wave surfers in their search for a bigger wave. It specifically focuses on Laird Hamilton and his invention of tow surfing. Riding Giants is a good movie for any surfer or anyone that doesn’t understand a surfer’s drive to surf.

Depending on your mood or preferences, there is a surfing movie for just about anyone. Some will make you laugh, cry, question, etc.

These movies about surfing will for sure do one thing and that’s to make you want to surf. From the history of surfing to setbacks to penguins that can surf, surf movies have a lot to offer whether you’re a surfer yourself or not.

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