Personal Training for Kids

Personal training for kids can set them on a road to a healthy life, mentally and physically. It’s important to improve your health at a young age and exercise does just the trick. 

Give this article a read for the numerous physical and mental health benefits kids experience from personal training!

Sets The Tone

Exercising puts kids ahead of the game. It can lead to healthy weight management, prevent injuries, reduce blood sugar levels, and prevent heart disease. 

Plus, it’s a way to set kids’ mindset at a young age, making it more likely for them to carry personal training into their adult life. 

Weight Management 

A healthy weight is extremely important for kids. Personal training is the perfect way to prevent your child from slipping into an uncomfortable weight which is difficult to climb out of. 

Obesity can cause joint, heart, liver, and lung issues among many others. Kids want to have fun and feel good their entire life. No kid wants to be put through the ringer of these concerning issues. 

Exercise burns calories and energy stores can burn to fuel, ultimately leading to weight management. It’s important to find a healthy weight for your child. Luckily, our personal trainers here at Hokali can specialize workouts plans for him or her to target that level. 

Injury Prevention

Personal training sessions will strengthen kids’ muscles and enhance their flexibility, helping them smoothly adapt to any physical activity. This will lower the risk of your child getting injured in competitive sports, or even through his day-to-day activities. 

Research has shown that stress can lead to injuries. As I will talk about later, exercise is an excellent stress-releaser!

Personal Training Boosts Kids Immune System

As parents know, kids are at high-risk of becoming sick because they’ve yet to build up immunity to viruses. While there are times there’s nothing you can do about it but treat the cold, there’s still hope. Exercise boosts children’s immune system, decreasing their risk of catching viruses. 

Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is one the rise and certainly a concern. Fortunately, it’s manageable. But, it is linked to an array of complications and increased risks for other diseases. 

As a parent, I suggest doing everything in your power to prevent your child from developing high blood sugar levels. While daily consumption plays a driving role, building muscle helps your baby stay in the clear. Personal training ultimately helps manage the body’s blood glucose levels, surely a benefit to capitalize on.

Heart Disease Prevention

Lastly, but certainly not least, exercising can help prevent the leading death cause in America: heart disease. Improving our children’s heart at a young age sets the tone and is critical in helping them live a long, healthy life. Kids have opportunities for a bright future and life and it’s imperative to set our young ones up properly. 

Experts have proved that inactivity increases a person’s risk for heart disease by 50%. 

Social Interaction

Friends are a really important part of people’s childhood lives. Personal training is one activity for kids to bond from. Just like in sports, exercising allows kids to meet friends and work towards goals together, which escalates relationships. 

When you share a healthy hobby with a friend, it creates a stronger connection. 

Personal Trainings Mental Health Benefits For Kids

Personal training is a healthy emotional outlet for kids which can lead to a life full of happiness. Exercise can create positivity and protect against depression because it boosts confidence, builds resilience, and releases stress. 

Confidence Booster

Exercising gives children the blessing to be proud of themselves, which can be hard at a young age. Just like adults, kids feel proud after exercising because they are taking care of their bodies. Working out is hard and it feels good knowing you pushed through your doubts to improve your health. It’s extremely progressive. 

Personal training also benefits kids’ muscles, which builds confidence. However, there’s a lot of truth behind the saying, “you look the way you feel.” I believe that is what boosts people’s confidence the most from personal training. 

Builds Resilience

Part of what mental toughness comes from is working through difficulty. Like I said, finding the motivation to workout is one of the most challenging parts because it’s not what your body wants. But, when you shut down that lazy voice in your head, you become mentally stronger. It shows a lot of discipline to stick to your health goals even when you’re unmotivated.


Many use exercise as an escape because it releases stress, which improves mental health. It reduces levels of the body’s stress hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol. Plus, it releases endorphins, a natural painkiller for the body. Kids will manage their stress more efficiently with exercise a part of their lives. 

Improves Sleep 

Sleep is imperative for children because it determines their behavior, attention, learning, memory, and mental and physical health. Kids are naive at a young age and can be easily steered off track. Luckily, activities like personal training benefits kids’ sleep and can make them snooze through the night.

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