Pacific Beach: Much more than its nightlife, an awesome surf destination

While there are endless surf spots in San Diego, Pacific Beach (PB) is definitely a notable one. Located just between La Jolla and Mission Beach, you have a little over a mile of surf and sand.

Pacific Beach is not only going to offer good waves and a great beach day. There is plenty else to do and see even when you are just strolling along the boardwalk.

Crystal Pier is the cut off between Mission and Pacific Beach. The north side of the pier is your first surf spot in Pacific Beach.

When surfing the pier, you can expect a fast left perfect for shortboarders. These primarily 3 – 4 foot waves are going to be consistent throughout your session and tend to be better in the fall and winter months. After your surf session at the pier, stop by Board and Brew for an unforgettable sandwich.

Moving north from the pier, you can still expect a great wave that runs the entirety of the beach which is especially awesome for beginners. With more waves and more space, the more comfortable you can get on your board and in the water.

The waves in Pacific Beach range from about 2 – 5 feet making it perfect for beginners and experienced surfers. This beach break is going to offer good lefts and rights for both long and short borders.

If you see a fin in the lineup, no need to worry because it is just a dolphin trying to catch some waves too. PB is known for being a friendly surf spot as the locals are mellow and outgoing so no need to be scared if you are just starting out.

Your next surf spot is going to be Law Street Beach which unironically starts around Law Street. Law Street is great for more than just surfing with its large grassy park just above the sand.

You can find all kinds of surfers here but mainly longboarders trying to catch a long and mellow wave. The folks out here are going to be super friendly and helpful if you are looking for tips.

While the waves at Law Street aren’t going to be world-famous, they are going to be great for improving your surfing skills and confidence. Even without perfect conditions, you are guaranteed a fun session. When the conditions are good, you can expect a super glassy wave.

Just next to Law Street is Tourmaline Surf Park or what some call “Old Man’s”. The beach is literally named for its surfing so you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Tourmaline is home to many locals that have been surfing in San Diego for years but don’t let that scare you because the locals here are some of the nicest people you’ll meet in the water.

It gets its nickname “Old Man’s” from its slow and forgiving break. Tourmaline is perfect for beginners and advanced surfers alike just looking to have some fun.

The sandy ocean floor is going to allow you to try out some tricks without the worry of getting injured. The break here tends to stay between 2 – 4 feet with a great shape. Another plus is the parking lot, easy walk down, and easy paddle out.

Don’t miss out on the social scene in the parking lot where you can find people skateboarding in between sessions, barbecues, and surf talk.

If you think you have mastered Tourmaline and are looking for some more energy, you can paddle just north of Tourmaline to PB Point. This point in Pacific Beach is pretty different from the other surf spots.

PB Point is more of a reef break rather than a beach break and is going to offer more rights than lefts. The waves here are going to be slightly bigger than the rest of Pacific Beach but won’t be overwhelming. Due to the more hollow shape, you can even catch a barrel. Getting back into the beach is going to be easy as you can take a long ride from the point back into Tourmaline.

Surfing in Pacific Beach is not something to skip while in San Diego and there are tons to do after your surf session. The beaches along PB have something to offer for everyone of all surfing abilities and preferences.

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