New to San Diego and looking for a new hobby? Surfing is the answer!

I know surfing might seem intimidating but you just have to (duck) dive right in. With practice and determination, you will be surfing like a local in no time. Are you new to San Diego and looking for a hobby?

Learning to surf is essential here in San Diego whether you have recently moved or are just visiting.

While there’s a lot of things to do in San Diego, our beaches are probably the most notable feature of all.

From snorkeling at La Jolla Cove, sunbathing in Pacific Beach, to kayaking at La Jolla Shores, there’s something for everyone but surfing in San Diego still seems to stand out.

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Why is surfing in San Diego so prominent?

Well to start, San Diego has surf breaks that are known worldwide such as Windansea, Black’s Beach, and Beacon’s in Encinitas.

If you are willing to take a drive and a trek to Trestles in San Onofre, you can watch the Hurley Pro surf contest! While this alone creates a surf community, the warm water is reason enough to get out there and shred. New to San Diego and looking for a hobby, this is an amazing option!

San Diego Surf Culture

Surf culture in San Diego goes way back to the early 1900s and since has produced legends in the world of surfing.

Many Hawaiian surfers started popping up on the beaches of San Diego around the year 1915, and thus bringing the art of surfing with them.

Among these legendary surfers we see George Freeth, who was an advocate of ocean safety and influenced the use of surfboards by lifeguards.

Twenty years later, we see Woody Brown who can be credited with the hollow design of modern surfboards.

Following in the footsteps of Woody Brown, Bob Simmons focused on the shaping of surfboards and his ideas were revolutionary and are seen in surfboards today.

Surf culture in present day San Diego has not changed much as this surf city continues to pump out surf legends.

Rob Machado is known worldwide for his professional surfing career and environmental activism but you also might know him as Rob in the movie, Surf’s Up. It is not rare to be surfing side by side with him in San Diego. His go-to surf spots are Seaside Reef in Cardiff, Lower Trestles, and Swami’s Beach in Encinitas.

The preexisting surf culture influences kids and adults in San Diego to participate in this water sport leading to a growth of beginner surfers.

The benefits of having a surf buddy

Surf lessons for all ages and levels

You are new to San Diego and looking for a hobby?Whether you are eight or fourty-eight, there’s a spot in the lineup for you to learn and progress.

More often than not, an experienced surfer is happy to give you the tips and tricks of surfing San Diego’s water.

If you are just starting out your surf career, San Diego offers great surf lessons and has plenty of waves for beginners.

Most beginners start at La Jolla Shores where you can find 2-4 ft swells and a sandy ocean floor which are perfect learning conditions.

Other than La Jolla Shores, Mission Beach and Pacific Beach are the places to start!

Once you get comfortable surfing and are looking to improve your abilities, Tourmaline Surf Park and Oceanside Pier are the waves to go to.

Looking for a good surfboard to start out with?

Learning to surf on a soft top is your best bet!

Foam boards allow you to stand up easily and prevent you from getting injured. These boards are also going to let you paddle through the ocean at a much faster rate, increasing your confidence in the water and as a surfer.

Are you new to San Diego and looking for a hobby such as surf but don’t know where to start? If you are looking for a surfboard that is going to last you from beginner to intermediate, an epoxy board is going to be your top choice.

While it is still mostly made up of foam, it is coated with epoxy resin to promote durability but still provides the benefits of a foam board.

These boards may be slightly on the expensive side compared to a fully foam board but they are a perfect option for the more sustainable person.

tips before taking your first surf lesson

The best wetsuit for surfing in San Diego

You know where to get started, where to surf, and what surfboard to buy, so you are probably wondering what the best wetsuit is for surfing in San Diego.

San Diego’s south swells in the spring and summer bring the water temperature to a lovely 68o but in the fall and winter months, we see the water temperatures dropping all the way down to 57o.

This significant shift makes purchasing a wetsuit difficult. A long or short-sleeved spring suit is only going to work through the warmer months so you are going to want to pick out a full suit with a thickness of 3/2 mm. This wetsuit is going to keep you warm in the winter but not too warm in the summer.

Book your first surf lesson in San Diego

Now that you have learned some of the history of surfing in San Diego and where to start, let’s discuss exactly how.

The best way is by booking a surf lesson through HOKALI!

A surf lesson is going to teach you all of the ins and outs of surfing, how to read the ocean and waves, and water safety, all while improving your knowledge and abilities on your board.

Here at HOKALI, we are dedicated to developing our beginners into confident surfers.

Surfing can be much more than a hobby or sport as it fosters your mental well-being and physical health.

For many San Diegans and others across the globe, surfing is a way of life.

Through practice, dedication, and passion, surfing can and will become a positive aspect of your everyday life and San Diego is a great place to start!

Read this to find out tips before your first surf lesson!

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