New HOKALI shop!

Are you a beginner surfer wanting to further your surfing skills, but not sure if you have the right gear?

Don’t fret! Beginning today, HOKALI will have an ONLINE SHOP for just this!

You already know HOKALI is constantly growing in order to fit your surfing needs. Continue reading to learn about some of the best gear being featured on our website!

Before we go into more detail about our products, it’s super important that we mention the fact that everything is made and crafted by Olaian, a brand of amazing quality. All of their gear is designed by actual surfers in France and the Basque Coast. Can it get any better than that?

Another important thing to note is that we are currently only doing US shipments, but that doesn’t mean that won’t change in the future!

Now, let’s get into the products themselves!


What kind of surf shop would we be if we didn’t sell surfboards? Our website will be selling some of the best boards for beginners and intermediates. Did we mention they are sold at good prices as well?

All of our surfboards can be classified as soft top or foam boards and come with soft edges, soft fins, and a comfortable leash, all things that are perfect for beginners. Another plus is that they have great flotation!

Floatation in a board is key when it comes to learning how to surf. This is because it can make learning how to paddle and stand up so much faster and easier.

These types of boards also provide so much more stability when out in the big blue!

The full list of boards available today on our website will be listed down below. Take a look!

  • Surfboard Olaian 100 (lengths: 6’8” (for kids), 7’5”, 8’2”)
  • Surfboard Olaian 500 (lengths: 7’, 7’8”, 8’6”)
  • Surfboard Olaian 900 (lengths: 7’)

The series 100 is best for beginners and the series 500 is fitting for more intermediate surfers. The series 900 on the other hand, is best fitting for those with an advanced skill level, something you can achieve after signing up for a surf lesson with HOKALI!

More boards will be available soon!


Since a lot of the HOKALI community resides in places that receive cold weather, selling wetsuits is a MUST for our online shop.

Wetsuits are prepared for cold water, meaning having one will allow you to surf all year round!

Like surfboards, wetsuits are being sold at great prices compared to others on the market!

All of these wetsuits are made with genuine neoprene and contain awesome additions such as zippers and fastenings that are laboratory tested. They also all have seamless panels.

Some other great things about them are that they limit skin irritation and are even compatible with other water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, sea wading, and stand-up paddle boarding! What more can you ask for?

Down below is the full list of all wetsuits currently available:

  • Wetsuit Olaian 100 (Women’s/men’s)
  • Wetsuit Olaian 500 (Men’s/boy’s)
  • Wetsuit Olaian 900 (Men’s)

Not yet sure about what wetsuit you should purchase? Don’t worry, we got you.

Just like our surfboards, the series 100 is best for beginners, the series 500 is fitting for more intermediate surfers, and the series 900 is best fitting for those with an advanced skill level.

Want to develop an advanced skill level? Like we stated before, you can achieve this by booking lessons through HOKALI! Trust us.

Another thing you definitely want to do is to make sure you know the temperature of the water you will be surfing in.

If your session is in a tropical place such as Hawaii, chances are you probably aren’t going to even be needing a wetsuit.

However, if you don’t live in a tropical place and you’re not sure of the ocean’s temperature at your upcoming surf spot, take a quick look at this website to help you find out!

Something else you definitely want to take into consideration when picking out a wetsuit is the length of your upcoming surf sessions. If you are planning on staying out for only an hour or less, the 100 series is best for you.

On the other hand, if you want to surf for up to two hours, the 500 series is perfect, and if you are planning on staying for three hours or more, the 900 series is where it’s at!

You may have noticed that we are currently only selling a women’s style in the 100 series. But just for now! Stay tuned!


Now you may be wondering why should I buy through HOKALI? What is so special about the gear?

Well, to answer that question, the gear is of the best quality and is so easy to access and buy.

All you have to do is head on over to our website, pick out your gear of choice, add it to your cart, and purchase! It’s that simple.

Having good surf gear will make your surfing experience the best it can be for the entirety of the year!

Now that you’ve read about the best of the best surf gear being sold on our upcoming e-commerce platform, we hope you are as ecstatic as we are! We know you’ll love everything as much as we do.

You won’t want to miss out! SHOP NOW!

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