Mind Surfing Around the World

You probably already know a handful of famous surf spots around the world – from Hawaii to Australia, South America, Africa, and the Caribbean.

One of the best parts about surfing is that professional and amateur surfers alike have the opportunity to surf in the same waters and visit the same amazing surf spots on the globe.

We have mentioned some of the most famous surf destinations on the blog where you can get surf lessons, including North Shore O‘ahu, Hawaii, California, and Florida, but what about that dreamland, remote destinations that have maybe never crossed your mind?

Though definitely not as easily accessible, today we’ve highlighted three locations to feed your surf inspiration; the list may even surprise you!

What makes a surf spot so envy-worthy, drawing in flocks of people to profit from the dreamy waves? A few factors: conditions, temperature, weather, crowds, scenery, the surrounding area, and of course, the waves.

There are many places that don’t receive the same high volume crowds that places like Hawaii, California, and even Florida receive. However, unlike these destinations, they can be extremely remote and challenging to navigate.

No matter if these locations are a part of your 2022 travel plans or on your ultimate vision board, look no further for some incredible surf inspiration! Though this is not necessarily a guide for beginners, soaking in these incredible surf locations around the globe – whether it be through articles, photos, videos, documentaries, is an absolute must if you are craving inspiration, which you absolutely should be!

Fortunately, with social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and the rise of surf vlogs with high-level camera crews, mind surfing these dreamy spots is easier than ever.

Mind surfing is the action of putting yourself in the position of a surfer, or a hypothetical surfer, moving along the wave.

It is a great way to visualize your performance and help you gain a better perspective regarding your positioning when you are actually surfing. Like every high-level athlete, professional surfers often practice mind surfing when watching a line up in preparation for a contest. However, even amateurs can practice mind surfing, and it is a great way to hack your mental progress in the sport.

Where would you set your line? Where would you set up your next turn? Would you perform a cut back? An off the lip? An air? I’ll admit, it is easy for mind surfing to become a not-so guilty pastime, perhaps when the conditions in your locale are subpar or you aren’t currently anywhere near the water!

Spend some time on YouTube watching videos of your favorite surfers. Compare what you envision doing on the wave to the surfers’ own maneuvers. There is a lot to absorb from simply watching and observing.

As a secondary consequence, you may even stumble across some of your favorite surf music and pump up jams to put you in your mojo when you are out there on your own.

So, without further ado, let’s get into some of the psych-worthy surf spots around the globe! (That you can also totally mind surf).

In addition to the three highlighted below, there are still countless dreamy spots, and endless opportunities for surf-related travel and adventure.

We have highlighted a few to pique your interest, but this is merely scratching the surface!

Surfing in Australia

Australia is a dream surf location for a couple of reasons.

For one, located in the Southern Hemisphere, winter weather is turned summer. This means that if you are even trying to escape a bitter cold December or January, just head South.

Some of the most famous and iconic surf spots in Australia are located on the Gold Coast. This region of 70+ kilometers of beach attracts surfers from every area of the globe.

The Gold Coast is also the stretch of white sandy beach where surf contests are held each year. It is popularized for clear water, perfect rolling waves, and endless choice barrel selections.

The great thing about Australia and the Gold Coast is that there are many popular local attractions besides surfing, like hiking, snorkeling, even sky diving, and hot air balloon rides!

Surfing in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a surf paradise for those seeking a less crowded experience and waves all year round.

Typically, Central America’s “best” season is between April and September. Playa Colorado is one popular surf spot in Nicaragua – a beach break that suits intermediate to advanced surfers.

Off-shore winds make the water glassy and beautiful with perfect rolling waves. There are also some surf camps and resorts in Nicaragua.

Surfing in Morocco

Along the North African coast, Morocco – you guessed it – receives year-round surf.

Of the three locations on this list, this is probably the spot that has flown under the radar the longest, really only starting to receive broader attention in recent years.

The best time to go is during the winter season from October to December.

Taghazout, a fishing village on the Atlantic coast, and about three hours’ drive from Marrakech, is most famous for long, rolling slabs and right hand breaks that seem to go on forever and ever.

There have even been boutique hotels and surfer villas cropping up along the coast of Taghazout so it is easier than ever before to book a surf trip.

These are just some perhaps lesser-known surf destinations you have to check out! No matter where you are, whether it be Los Angeles or Morocco, the rules of respect still always apply.

Remember that you are a visitor and to show the utmost respect towards the locals. It is their home! If you are visiting somewhere for the first time as a surfer, make sure to do your research and equip yourself with the proper knowledge and etiquette.

One great way to discover additional beautiful and awe-inspiring surf destinations are to follow and stay up-to-date with your favorite pros!

It is in their job description to travel year-round in search of the best waves in the world – you are sure to gain inspiration and learn something new!

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