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I am not a parent, but I do have extensive experience with kids. I am the oldest of all of my siblings and cousins, so I have been babysitting since I was 10 years old. I have 2 wonderful godchildren, and I have an additional 6 additional “nieces and nephews” of close friends. I have attended countless little league games, soccer matches, dance recitals, gymnastics classes. So, I feel pretty confident when I say I understand that kids need activities and the degree of their interest in these activities can wax and wane. That’s why I feel fully confident in recommending HOKALI kids for parents and guardians in the San Francisco area! There is a lot to love about this membership for the whole family. Read on to find out why HOKALI kids is the right fit for you.


1. Simple Booking Process

In an increasingly digital age, you would think that scheduling your life and your children’s lives would be much easier. However, that’s sadly not the case for most families. Every school district has its own scheduling system or calendar. You likely have a work calendar you need to keep track of. If you have a partner or spouse, they have a calendar for you to remember, and then your children also have lives outside of school. That’s a lot for anyone to keep in mind!

HOKALI Kids allows you to schedule all of your children’s extracurriculars in one place. Instead of getting a calendar from their after school program and another from the local park district and another from their school’s after school offerings, you can schedule all of your children’s activities in one place! 

2. Mix and Match

If your child is anything like my nieces or nephews, then they likely have a short attention span and also have a lot of interests. My niece was at once in ballet, softball, and improv camp. On the other hand, my godson has been dedicated to baseball since he could hold a bat. In both cases, HOKALI Kids have them covered!

The mix and match feature of the membership allows your child to mix up the type of lessons they want to take each week. This means they’ll never get bored 🙂 Also, if they find a love for say, surfing, but don’t want to be confined to one type of activity, they can surf every week and also add in something else. Maybe this week’s tennis and next week it’s basketball. They can definitely do it all with the mix and match option!

kids playing on a field

3. Safety and Security

As a teacher, I understand the need for safety and security of your beloved little (and not-so-little) ones. There’s a reason schools and tutoring programs require background checks before educators or staff members are allowed to work with children. 

HOKALI Kids also takes the safety and security of your child seriously. All coaches are background checked and can provide proof of vaccination. Additionally, all coaches have previous, professional experience. In this way, you can be sure that your child will be well taken care of and given high quality instruction during their lesson. You can also find parental testimonies on the HOKALI Kids page that attest to the strong experiences they have had with coaches. Another great feature is the coach bios on the search function. You get to know a little something about the coach before you book the session. 

Additionally, your child is covered under the HOKALI Kids insurance, just in case anything should happen to them during their lesson. While this is, of course, the extreme minority of cases, you can rest assured that your child is safe and secure with HOKALI. 

kids taking a swimming lesson with HOKALI Kids

4. Mental and Physical Benefits

There are numerous mental and physical benefits for youth sports. More than simply another extracurricular, sports allow children to grow in many ways. For example, the concentration required for sports tends to help children become better students, and student athletes often have higher GPAs. Youth sports help children learn how to control their emotions and learn problem solving skills. Youth Sports also helps children to stay healthy and grow strong. 

girl practicing yoga with HOKALI Kids

Additionally, youth sports promotes healthy self-esteem and reduces stress. This combination is sure to help set your child on a well rounded path to success!

5. Friendship

An undeniable benefit of youth sports is the friendships children make along the way. These friendships are built on foundations of trust and mutual respect. Trust is integral to playing on the same team together and working together toward the same goal. That makes the friendships forged in sports deeper than other types of friendships, which do not rely on such important concepts right off the bat. Additionally, as children move up in ability level in sports, the people they made friends with move up with them. The morally sound foundation these friendships were built on continue to reinvest in themselves. 

No matter the reason you want your child to be involved in afterschool programs or extracurriculars, HOKALI Kids can fit your needs and help you and your family move toward your goals!

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