The importance of warming up and stretching in golf

Wanna know how to get better at golf?

Now, let me tell you guys this, you can have all the equipment for golf and all the facilities to play the sport… But, there is a next aspect that needs to be internalized so that we can get better. And this is the importance of warming up and stretching in golf.

It is crucial for any athlete despite their level to work on their flexibility.

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We should know that overall stretching is awesome. But I am a believer that when you understand the importance behind warming up and how it can boost your performance, you will find that it’s valuable and fun! 

The majority of beginner golf players tend to bypass this, and even experienced players commit the same mistake! NOT warming up and conditioning your body before a game is a huge mistake. And my mission with this blog post is to tell why you shouldn’t make that mistake.

You can simply start warming up your lower body by just walking around, perhaps, touring the golf ground with your coach. And, by the way, if you don’t have a golf coach yet, don’t stress cause we have it all set! Just click here, and choose a golf instructor tailored to your needs!

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Doing this simple task along with some other basic stretches will not only loosen up your body but will also help you tremendously with your posture.

Having a trainer that can condition your body, and teach you a good dynamic Warm-up routine for you is needed. A coach will make sure that your posture is correct at the moment of doing the warm-ups to prevent any possible injuries.

We always recommend a coach because we know how valuable is to have someone that can guide you along the way. Also, a golf coach will guide you on how to condition the body before any course.

So where do I start and for how long?

When practicing Dynamic stretching, we are referring to our whole body. From head to toe needs to be conditioned. So it doesn’t matter where you start. Just bear in mind that every part of your body plays a role when it comes to playing golf.

The amount of time you should take to perform your routine is not important. Once you have worked on every part of your body you can stop. You take 2-5 minutes on your shoulders, then you move on to your arms and so forth, and you spend a little time on every part of your body.  But the time you take is not a big deal.

Do a little bit of everything 

Golf demands a bit of every corner of your body. Due to this, it is important to at least cover the main areas of our body. Every respective part should have a little warm-up followed by some more intense stretch.

Consider that the intensity of these exercises should be based on your level of flexibility.

WARMING UP AND STRETCHING IN GOLF: Let’s start with the hips

It’s not a surprise that the hip, if not conditioned regularly, could become solid as a rock. Another factor that causes stiffness in this section of our body is because most of the time we are sitting for prolonged periods… Especially for those that have a job that demands sitting for a whole work shift. However, don’t stress.

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Grab your waste with both hands and mimic a circular motion, round and round in both directions. This simple move helps your waist to gain life again and as you perform the circular movement you shall feel a little tension on your abdominals. 

Watch the knees

Knees are delicate.  We need them to do our day-by-day stuff as humans, and also to play golf! That’s why we need them in good condition!

  •  Stand straight with your shoulders parallel to your feet, bend your knees backward carrying your heel to touch your butt while standing straight. This will also help your legs to be more relaxed. 
  • You can then give your knees a little massage which is somewhat therapeutic and relaxing. Your knees will love it!

From shoulders right down to the fingers

  •  Shoulder rolls are great for the golfer, it’s all about moving your shoulder in a circular motion while your arms remain at the side of your body.
  • Some circular motions on your wrist will help you get a better grip 

Bear in mind that these are just some examples but in reality, there is no specific drill or exercise. Just be creative and have fun. Once you do the basics and you are familiar with them you can then try different variations and target different parts of your body and so on. 

However, applying these basic little warm-ups gonna help you tremendously with your coordination and posture. And you are going to assist all your golf courses pain-free, thanks to that you did your warm-ups.

What I would finally like to encourage is not only to do warm-ups before a game but to do it regularly. Stretching does not 100% guarantee no injuries but making it a habit will surely prevent you from a lot of unnecessary pain.

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If you can do at least one session of a dynamic warm-up every day you will be making some big progress as a golf player.

Every player should have a desire to constantly become better and better and doing the warm-up is a way to succeed. By the way, it’s important to mention that you should always keep yourself hydrated. 

After Warming up and stretching: Grab a golf club

Once the warm-up sessions have been done, playing around with a golf club and performing golf moves in a relaxed way is a form of emphasizing the exact muscles and joints used to swing a golf club, in this case.

An example would be practicing swings at different heights and angles. Being creative is good, it’s all about creating a good flow of blood in your body! 

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