How to stay warm during a winter surf sesh

Are you a beginner surfer unsure if you should sign up for that surf lesson you heard about since it’s December?

Are you finding yourself thinking I should just wait until the summer since it’s so cold out right now? If so, please continue reading.

There are so many ways to have a successful surf session despite there being cold weather. Don’t let a little chill stop you from having the afternoon of your life!

Down below are a few tips and tricks to help you stay warm for a winter surfer sesh.

1) Wear the proper gear

This tip is one thousand percent the most important one when it comes to keeping warm. Not following it can make a winter surf sesh pretty much impossible.

Make sure to wear a wetsuit as this will help your body retain as much of its heat as possible while surrounded by that icy cold water.

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Some other important things to note when getting dressed is to make sure you’re wearing a pair of gloves, a hood, and boots. Trust us, they’ll come in handy!

Also, do your best to make everything as tight and form-fitting as possible. This will allow for the optimal quality of your surf sesh. You don’t want to feel like you have no control over your movements!

If you happen to notice a leak or tear in your wetsuit, lean on some neoprene glue! This option is a great and easy fix that will keep that cold water from getting to you.

2) Change into your gear someplace warm

It’s now time to actually head out for your session. Usually, most people will change into their wetsuit once they get to the beach, however, this step isn’t as easy when wintertime comes around. However, it is in fact possible, so don’t lose hope!

One way to do this is to change into your wetsuit before heading over to your spot. You could either change at your house and then head over, or you could change at a spot closer to the beach.

If you don’t want to drive in your wetsuit though, we get it. Changing at the beach is still possible if you take the proper precautions. Purchasing a changing robe or a good quality winter coat will allow you to change with the maximum amount of warmth as possible.

You could also change in your car if you want. This option does definitely take a lot of practice, however, it can come in handy!

3) Stay active

The first step into the water is always the hardest, but once you get your blood flowing, the session is all yours!

Try to do your best to constantly stay moving as this will keep you as warm as possible.

Sitting around will only make you colder. Active movement leads to a higher heart rate, and a higher heart rate means your body will generate more and more heat.

4) Keep your head above the surface of the water

Now obviously getting your head underwater can’t always be avoided especially when surfing. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try your best to keep your head from being submerged.

When you first enter the water for your session, try to keep your head above the water for as long as you can. Doing this will allow you to retain your body’s heat for as long as possible.

Even if you end up getting splashed by a wave or wipeout, that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t try to keep your head above the surface!

5) Prepare your post-surf clothes

The way you handle your post-surf sesh changing is crucial. It’s always good to prepare for this even before you head out for your session.

Make sure to have warm clothes and a coat waiting for you as well as your changing robe. It’s also a good idea to have warm, fuzzy socks waiting as well.

When it’s time to change out of your wetsuit, you want to go from the top to the bottom. Start by taking off the top half of your wetsuit along with your gloves, and then move to the bottom portion gear.

Once you’ve changed, get into your car as fast as possible and blast your heater!

6) Drink something hot afterward

A great surf sesh calls for a great reward afterward. Whether it’s something from home or from a local shop, a nice, hot drink always hits the spot.

You could prep something in a thermos at home or you could head to your local Starbucks drive-through and buy a hot chocolate. Not only will this satisfy your cravings, but it will also help to regulate your body temperature.

Treat yourself!

Now that you’ve read about some ways to keep warm during a surf sesh, we hope you’re feeling excited to tackle a new challenge!

Despite there being a stigma about going into the ocean during wintertime, it is totally possible and loads of fun if you prepare right. Some even say surfing in the cold is the most exhilarating thing they’ve ever experienced!

Don’t be afraid to try it out. You’ll never know how awesome surfing is if you don’t!

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