How to Stay Positive During A Surf Session

Being a surfer, it is not uncommon for us to get down on ourselves for a number of reasons. Whether it’s getting into our own heads, a bad wave, or the negativity that we carry in from the outside world, it is easy to turn a great session into something we dread being a part of. Which is why learning how to stay positive during a surf session is important. 

It can often be hard to get out of a negative mindset, especially when we are by ourselves, in the water.

Running into a bad attitude and low spirits is something that almost all surfers encounter. When learning to surf, knowing how to chase those negative feelings away helps make the most out of your future sessions!

Here are some easy and helpful tips to keep your surf session positive!

Take in the view sand help yourself learn how to stay positive during a surf lesson

There’s no doubt that beaches offer the best views in the world

Taking a break from focusing on catching waves and stressing about your performance can be very beneficial. We frequently overlook the beauty of our surroundings, being stuck in our own heads. This helps us understand how to stay positive during a surf session. 

Spending time outside is already healthy for us, why not soak in every aspect of it?

Instead of staying in front of the breaking waves, and trying to catch them, paddle off to the side and take a break to observe the horizon, the color of the sky, and clouds, the shimmer of the sun on the water, fellow surfers, and anything else that catches your eye.

Every surf spot has its own unique features that leave any person in awe.

Honolulu’s warm waters, gorgeous sunsets, and beautiful mountain backdrops, Los Angeles’ palm trees, and aesthetic city buildings, San Diego’s beautiful blue waters and exquisite skylines are all characteristics that are worth stopping and staring at, while out in the water.


You don’t need to be a yogi to ground yourself and meditate!

Meditating can be as simple as sitting on the shore, or on your board in the calm of the ocean for a few minutes and closing your eyes to recenter and prepare yourself for a great surf session. Meditation is a great way to learn how to stay positive during a surf session. 

Before paddling out, I like to sit on the shoreline, and close my eyes for a few minutes to wind down, and leave all of my worries behind. Soaking up the sun, and listening to the waves crash on the shore, help calm me down. Clearing out my mind and resetting before getting into the water helps me get ready for an amazing session.

Getting stressed and negative whenever I surf is a big problem that I face. Paddling off to the side, away from the surf break to take a moment and close my eyes helps a lot with brushing off the negative feelings I encounter, and getting back to a better-minded session.

Meditation offers many benefits, such as relieving stress, increasing self-awareness, decreasing negative feelings, anxiety, and balancing emotional well-being.

I personally have found that taking a moment to relax and reset, actually improves my performance. I find myself to be a lot happier, and alert while out surfing.

Engage with those around you

Talking to people you don’t know is actually super beneficial for your mental health, and promotes happiness in both you and the person you’re interacting with.

You never know what you’ll hear from a fellow surfer. A simple “Hello” can lead to one of the most interesting conversations of your life!

This interaction can not only lead to a gripping conversation about another persons’ life experiences, it can also open to a strong relationship. Connecting with fellow regulars of your favorite surf spots create so many new, and fun friendships that will last a lifetime!

Sparking a conversation with someone lifts your spirits while out in the water, and builds lifelong bonds!

Surfers are some of the most genuine, and happy people you’ll ever meet. Engaging with them is a huge spirit lifter and they can easily help you learn how to stay positive during a surf session.

An easy way to connect with the surfing community is by attending a surf lesson near you!

Go with a group of friends

Surfing is a great way to spend time with others without spending any money. Shopping malls are out, the beach is in!

Spending time with others improves our mental health and well-being. It’s proven! Multiple studies have shown that spending time with friends and family

I wholeheartedly agree that surfing with others keeps my surf sessions positive. Going out with friends, and family improves my mood exponentially. Laughing and joking in between waves, and bonding over our mutual love for surfing makes my relationships so much stronger.

Surfing with friends provides an opportunity to learn and grow as surfers together! Sharing experiences and tips & tricks with each other can help boost morale, and enrich your knowledge of the sport.

If your friends don’t know how to surf, take them for a lesson! Laughing at each other falling off of waves and improving as surfers together can create countless valuable memories that you’ll never forget.

Show gratitude

Showing gratitude is a crucial part of being a surfer.

In my life, surfing has taught me so many great lessons.

I use it as a way to relax, it has given me an “escape” from the struggles and hardships of life, it has provided me with some of the greatest experiences with my friends, family, and fellow surfers.

I’ve met so many amazing people while surfing, showing thanks to them not only raises my spirits, I see an uplift in others too.

Being able to go to the beach, and experience the ocean, is something that we must show gratitude for.

Here are some ways to show gratitude during your surf session:

  • Thank the guy that let you take his wave
  • Thank the ocean itself for the joy it offers
  • Be thankful for everyone around you
  • Thank the ocean for keeping you safe
  • Take a moment to reflect on your time out in the water after you come in from surfing

Even if you don’t get the best waves, or have a few wipeouts, or the sets weren’t as amazing as you’d hoped, it’s important to not let these factors get you down.

Every session will be different. Being thankful for the time spent out in the ocean helps improve your mood, and makes sure you stay positive.

Speaking from someone who tends to get inside my own head, and can easily be caught up in my own thoughts during a surf session. These are a few ways to stay optimistic and positive while out in the water.

Let us know what other ways you like to keep yourself positive during a surf session in the comments below!

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