How to stay motivated while exercising

A strong mindset plays a pivotal role in working out efficiently. However, it can be the biggest challenge. Many people strive to work their bodies into better shape, but they struggle with maintaining their enthusiasm. Have you ever experienced this? Have a look at this blog post to discover how to stay motivated while exercising!


You’re not alone. Here are some tips for holding onto that progressive mentality throughout a workout: 


1. Find a workout buddy to stay motivated while exercising

Having a workout buddy who is on the same page as you from a fitness standpoint is extremely beneficial and supportive. Find a few goals you two are looking to achieve (they don’t have to be the same), set a date for when you two are looking to achieve those goals, figure out the necessary steps to accomplish them, and push each other accordingly to reach the points you both are striving for.


When your partner is feeling discouraged, be that uplifting right-hand and your encouragement will be reciprocated. Maintaining a strong mentality is crucial for consistency and a partner can be the one to catch you when you’re slipping. 

Sometimes all you need is an extra voice telling you “keep going.” Celebrating you and your friend success is a wonderful, rewarding feeling. 

2. Create a workout playlist of songs you vibe to in order to stay motivated while exercising!

Having fun jamming during an in between exercises is extremely therapeutic.

Listening to your favorite artists and gems is an excellent way to shift into a gear which can help explode you through your workout. Especially listening to relatable songs which motivate you, uplift you, and are good outlets for what you are experiencing in your everyday life. Moving around and singing along to a song in between a set, or even working out in rhythm with the beat of the song can add swagger to your exercises. Instead of dreading your sets, enjoying them will naturally lead you to push yourself harder. Find that energy level and ride that wave straight through your session.

3. Focus on the health benefits you will instantly experience after your workout. Perspective is everything

A majority of the time when you do not have the energy to workout it’s because you are not feeling well. 

Exercising is a way to overcome feeling down or at least enhance your mood. Having a long day and feeling wiped while exercising? Try looking at the bigger picture and recognizing the benefits to working out. Exercising betters your state of mind and it’s a mechanism to release any tension you’re feeling. You’ll be proud of yourself knowing that although your energy wasn’t there, you still had the mental strength to shut down your doubts and will your way through. Ripping through sets when you’re unmotivated is a confidence-builder and powerful feeling. Refer to this link to learn more about the correlation between working out and mental health. 


Personal Trainer

Looking fit is a great perk of working out—but most importantly it’s about taking pride in putting the work in to improve your physical physique. Remember—It’s easy to workout on the days you feel great. But, consistently working through the day when your energy is drained builds character and strength and assists in how to stay motivated while exercising!



4. Short Breaks. Catch your breath and keep it moving to stay motivated while exercising!

Avoid long breaks in between sets. Stay focused and don’t get distracted. Procrastination will steer you off track. 

Instead, only take water breaks when you feel dehydrated and short breaks when needed. I know it sounds tiresome, but your body will adapt and catch a second wind to drive you through the workout. Plus, you’ll finish quicker and working as hard as possible will get those endorphins flowing even more! 

5. Self-Encouragement

Pat yourself on the back when you feel your muscles strengthening. It means all your hard work and consistency is paying off. Working out isn’t easy and consistently sticking to the routine you set for yourself shows discipline.

Some ways of recognizing your building muscle is by keeping track of how easy your workouts are becoming over time, how your body reacts after exercising, and how quick and effectively you are able to switch from workout to workout.

When you aren’t as physically tired as usual following a workout, your body is telling you you’re building muscle and it’s time to increase the weight, or repetitions. 



Thoughts of achieving professional or life goals are very progressive. Having visions which drive you can translate over to the exercises you are doing in the moment and your ambition can propel you through a tough workout. 


7. Try Mixing C4 Sport Pre Workout Powder with water


C4 Sport Pre Workout Powder helps your body recover and ease the fatigue during and after an intense workout. 


It contains caffeine, beta-alanine, creatine, and amino acids. If you are sensitive to any of these ingredients, taking C4 Pre Workout Powder is not a good idea for you. 

Product makers say C4 keeps you focused, gives you energy, and improves your overall performance during a workout. 


In the past when I’ve used C4, I’ve breezed my way through workouts. I found myself taking little breaks and I was working significantly harder.

C4 Sport Pre Workout Powder

 8. Hire a personal trainer that motivates you

As long as you are willing to work your body into better shape, hiring a professional trainer who holds you accountable should do the trick. When you book a session with a trainer, you’re making a commitment which means you will likely be more hesitant to call off your workout.

Life changing personal trainers will steer you in the right direction and motivate you to work your body into the state you desire. They push you to work as hard as you need to in order to make the money you’re paying them a great investment on your end. 

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Wanna know why you should hire a personal trainer? Have a look at this blog post!

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