5 great benefits of Yoga

As we have mentioned in previous posts, there are many different types of personal training available out there. One discipline that has been proven to have many physical, mental, and emotional benefits is: YOGA. Keep reading to discover 5 great benefits of Yoga!

Yoga is a practice that has been around for over 5,000 years, believed to be developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India.

Today, we understand how yoga has evolved to become more accessible to all.

In addition to exercising your muscles and joints, yoga is an art and practice that relies on breathwork and meditation.

It will help you become more grounded and present, which is proven to have positive effects on all other aspects of your life.

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Also, another great benefit of yoga is that it can be practiced in a variety of settings. You can practice it indoors in a studio, or in the park, for example.

You have the ability to curate and design a plan that will be perfect for whatever it is you are seeking!

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Let’s dive into the benefits of practicing yoga in further detail:

1. First benefit of Yoga: Improves your flexibility

It probably comes as no surprise that yoga will improve your flexibility.

Holding deep stretches and static positions will enable you to achieve better range of motion and hit depth in your training movements.

No matter your level of activity or interest in fitness, having flexibility preserves the longevity of your muscles. And it also helps you to be a versatile and well-rounded athlete. 

Believe it or not, flexibility is also fundamental to strength training. 

Regular stretching and flexibility training keeps muscles long and lean.

One of the key concerns with strength training is injury. Regular stretching reduces your likelihood of getting injured.

If you are consistently weight training, it is essential to implement some form of mobility work as well, like yoga!

Your muscles support your joints and when injured muscles are not strong enough, you are prone to joint injury.

If you are looking for something in the vein of personal training that is low impact and conducive to healthy joints, then yoga is the choice!

2. Practice mindfulness

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of doing yoga is the mindfulness and meditation elements… 

Mindfulness is a huge aspect of the physical practice of yoga. The purpose is to quiet the mind and be more thoughtful of your body, breathing, and internal cues.

Increased mindfulness lends to improved quality of life. 

Practicing Yoga outside

Additionally, the best part of this is that the benefits trickle into the rest of your day… Long after your “workout” has ended. Repeatedly cultivating mindfulness helps to bring about inner peace and acceptance.

3. For anyone, anywhere

Children, adults, and the elderly can practice it. Yoga is a very inclusive practice and form of exercise that boasts an abundance of benefits to all… And is appropriate for all fitness levels!

Whether you are a beginner wanting to begin your fitness journey, or a seasoned professional athlete, yoga can be tailored to anyone.

Moreover, there are no rules or limits. Yoga has been shown to improve performance of high level athletes.

At the same time, it is practiced by elderly individuals who want to maintain basic bodily function and mobility. 

Because of the nature of the practice, every movement can be easily adapted to the individual’s level.

Furthermore, yoga is accessible and available to all!

You can devote an hour every day, or you can take five minutes at your work desk to breathe deeply, realign yourself, and center. 

You can perform yoga in a studio, in the park, or in your own living room.

That is the beauty of the sport!

4. Another benefit of Yoga: heals your body inside out!

With yoga, you don’t have to choose between goals!

Yoga improves both your cardiovascular health and assist in muscle development.

Daily yoga sessions improve heart health and reduce stress levels. It also reduces inflammation in the body, which can be a root cause of many health issues. 

As a result, like any other form of personal training, yoga can support weight loss.

In addition, losing excess fat may contribute to better heart health and/or help you hit your weight loss goals.

Yoga is proven to relax you and improve the quality of your sleep.

There are also studies that show that yoga boosts metabolism and increases self-esteem! Who would’ve thought!

It also doesn’t require a very large amount of time to get started.

Benefits have been reported following a routine of 15-20 minutes of daily practice.

Yoga in San Francisco

5. Through yoga you can build and grow your community

As with any activity, hobby, or profession, yoga can be a great way to build a community.

Even if you start off training one-on-one with an instructor, you may find yourself wanting to seek out other yoga studios or link up with people to train together.

It can be a great extracurricular to achieve a work-life balance and mix up the routine of everyday life.

Once you have begun to scratch the surface of your yoga journey, there are many different paths you can go down and explore, as there are many different types of yoga practices. 

By now you should see how many amazing benefits there are to doing yoga. It truly is a practice that improves the quality of your life from the inside out and it is no wonder why the practice has survived for so long.

Yoga boasts so many different mental, physical, and emotional benefits. It reduces stress, improves flexibility and strength, and helps weight loss. It also encourages mindfulness, improves sleep, and the list goes on! So what are you waiting for?

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