Golf is for everyone

We all recognize how harsh it could be to get into golf at first or even if our objective is to step up our game and skills. 

Patience, solely hours of practice involving diverse exercises a golfer must go through, especially when you carry the weight of a novice hanging on your shoulders is challenging but very crucial. However, there is nothing to worry about because we will talk about something just as important and, that is guidance because golf is for everyone!

We will touch on some basics of the grip (so to demonstrate how an instructor comes into play to improve our golfing skills) that need to be stamped in our heads if we intend to do good at golf. 

Now for the more experienced folks, we want to give significance to the importance of having a trainer as a guide the same way because during the journey at any level a golfer needs to walk through to be a competitive player there must be some form of structured training. This can be done by someone who knows the art behind the overall process of achieving the right skills for golf, and at the same time making things practical and fun!

And here in HOKALI, our central objective is to make that process of learning a new sport a fun expedition that anyone would like to experience, making stuff less difficult and more attractive, what we would call a process that needs to be addressed if winning at golf is the intention can become a little adventure instead! 

Golf, without a doubt, is one of those activities that, when understood is a wholly enjoyable goody, yes, being outdoors living in some fresh air with a club, ball and tees in hand is the real deal, golf is for everyone!

A family playing golf

An instructor is the best ally

Fresher players need someone capable to transmit the art of golf in its purest form with what I would like to call practical-friendly activities to not cause boredom, including all sorts of hard techniques at the beginning is a sure way to make the learning process colorless and harsh. Beginners need guidance.

Wanna step up your golf game?

Now, for the more knowledgeable players, a coach is the correct approach to improve shortly. The player as well would normally comprehend that managing the fundamental principles of the game is a prerequisite to becoming a sharp golfer, however, the fact of important a trainer is through every step is crucial, once learning or striving for perfection there must be that entity with the capability to: 

  • Observe: target your weak spot and the areas where you would lack technique,  that we normally would find difficult to address on our own 
  • Schedule: you may have heard before that ” there is a time for everything”. And knowing when and how to perform distinct techniques is a way of measuring the progress for a quicker result, and an experimented coach just knows how to achieve that for you
  •  Grant the adequate tools:  In golf there are many types of clubs, everyone is assigned to achieve different distances and knowing.
  • Empathize: Tell me, won’t it be harsh to go through a process from scratch or perhaps learn a specific skill within the many that exist in golf?

Trust me, it is always great to have our coach as a motivator for those times when we just can’t get it and contestant practice is the only way out. The amount of patience that a trainer has is equal to a whole lot of empathy and dedication. Having an individual with these treats is just a booster

You would be surprised by the quantity of time and potential headaches an apt trainer could save you from.  A trainer saves us from the uncertainty one can have about the proper execution of a technique in particular.

The Grip and tricks to make golf for everyone

Now let’s put as an example a very common issue among beginners and even experienced golfers is the way the golf club is situated in the hands, it is important to perfect and make out of the practicing of gripping and overall body positioning should be your daily bread. 

The key tip behind a good grip is subtlety and delicacy because holding the club poorly will just avoid you from being able to swing comfortably and it will significantly decrease your range of movement along with accuracy. 

Hold the club firmly in your leading hand almost at the tip of your fingers avoiding wrapping your palm, once your four fingers are hugging the grip of the club and notice I say hugging for you do not want to stifle your club, now place your thumb parallel along with the club without extending or bending the same, which is important to access more overall control on the swings and don’t forget the keyword, subtlety. 

The right-hand fingers are in front of the leading hand while the thumb is parallel to the left-hand thing. Remember to be relaxed, my friend.   Maintain the clubface square at the moment of impacting the ball keeping everything aligned throughout the whole swing for a better shot, having that in mind will back up your accuracy significantly.

Start applying these little subtly and you will surely improve, soon enough you will be smiling while you enjoy the flight of a ball, the result of a clean shot but first, you need to keep applying pressure on the very basic techniques for it is the only way to advance is knowing and performing the basics accordingly.

To wrap this up and 

Golf has been a great choice on your behalf, they are a whole ton of fun and colorful experiences that golf has to offer despite age or physical condition.  Once you find yourself in the hands of an instructor you will get the hang of it in no time, you will as well get a powerful insight into the art behind golf and you gonna love It!

Bear in mind that patience still conserves its importance, and do not take on the process too badly if you do not achieve things rapidly.  Another element to think of is that subtlety is key, be relaxed when executing any technique in general, you should be relaxed when playing golf in the totality, I need you to have fun!


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