Golf clothing for beginners

Purchasing golf clothing for beginners had been difficult in the past. I remember once entering a golf store, and after a couple of twists and turns here and there, I ended up walking out of the store with my hands empty and it was not because I forgot my money.

I simply didn’t know what equipment to buy for there was a lot to choose from, clubs? All kinds of shapes and sizes. Balls? Wonder which brand would be good, should I get those pairs of gloves? Which golf shoes…?

It is a challenging task to choose the proper golf equipment/clothing and it’s even more confusing when you are a beginner. 

However, there is nothing to worry about because we have prepared a little guide explaining what should be an ideal golf outfit and to know the basics needed to start chipping here and there to show golf clothing for beginners!

As you advance and become much more of an experienced player, the little you have in terms of your clothing won’t be enough, there are some additional equipment and tools that come out to be important in the same way as the basics that are going to be highlighted as well.  



The very basic and simple golf equipment could be the best option for a beginner and it may sound pretty much obvious anyways but it is impressive the number of beginners that put a whole lot of effort and money into equipment more than anything else without having in mind that someone who wants to get started into golf doesn’t need a whole lot of fancy equipment and accessories at once. 



The aspect is that you cannot get away without any element of the golf dressing code. It is just as important as any rule in the game or equipment in general, nevertheless, there is a lot more beyond the ethics of a good dress code and it is to allow you to have all the fun you want to have, swinging here and there without any risk of potential injuries. 

It is not a surprise that having on the inappropriate gear can cause injuries in sports and it could even be worse, having your equipment in place will save you a lot of discomfort. (types of discomfort common issues in golf). As for us, the element of good equipment is something we consider very important in our golf lessons, not only regarding golf but with all the sports lessons we facilitate for you guys.  

And because we love sports just like you do!  You can check out our other lessons and coaching that we provide as well, or you can just browse around here and there on our website, we are constantly working towards the development of HOKALI for there is always great to keep up and bring interesting content for you along with a lot more to come! so feel free to stick around with us and remember that you are just one click away from us!

We are going to briefly outline some of the most important aspects we need to keep in mind to have our outfit on point!

Golf player taking golf lessons in san francisco

Use a hat when the sun is hot

We all know what could potentially happen when that little hot ball of fire strikes our heads, specifically in the middle of an important course. Having a hat on is the most effective way golfers know to protect their heads from the heat…



Yes, we also need our eyes protected as well, not only from the sun but during a swing, there are many probabilities that some components of the field may want to have their way into your eyes. It’s not about looking cool, protection is our priority so get yourself a comfortable pair of sunglasses.


One of the most iconic features of a golfer, wearing a glove. Despite that, it is not mandatory there is a huge number of players that uses a glove mainly for an extra grip, players with sweaty palms would usually use gloves as well, and it comes out good to wear one even when the rain is pouring. Learning the golf clothing as beginners is essential!

Hand with glove grabbing golf ball

Golf pants/skirts

Males golfers are characterized by wearing pants despite being an amateur or professional player, you would usually find a lot of amateur players wearing shorts, however, a comfortable pant is always a great option, there are a lot of sports center  that, provide good quality golf pants but as beginner, you don’t need to worry about luxury or brand, something that fits you comfortable it what count

Women usually would wear a skirt or pants as well. It’s all about you feeling comfortable while playing.

Golf Shirt

A shirt with a collar is the ideal pick for any golfer in general and means good etiquette, so next time when you throw on your Polo you won’t only be feeling fresh and comfy, you will automatically become a golfer with good etiquette.  

Pullovers are awesome for cold temperatures, getting yourself a warm pullover is not a big deal for you simply need a pullover that doesn’t allow you to freeze.  It will be very usual at the moment of playing in cold air.

Woman with golf clothing and club

Golf Shoes

A golf shoe is our best ally hence that they a specially made for golf that have some sort of spikes on the sole, something like the ones used in soccer to prevent you from sliding, even on dry areas while swinging and will enable you to have more balance and traction which is significant for nicer swings.

As you may have seen, gathering the main golf clothing needed is not that hard once you know what you are looking for. 

There is a whole bunch of equipment and clothing for golf. However, having the main clothing previously mentioned as a start is important, for you will then bit by bit gather experience in finding effectively what you need based on your knowledge as a player.

For now, just stick to the basics and whatever makes you feel comfortable. When it comes to finding golf stuff, wallets and purses can be in danger hence that golf equipment is costly.


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