Everything you need to know about HOKALI’s Beach Clean-Ups!

Our oceans cover 70% of the earth and so much of this water is contaminated by plastics and other pollution. For the avid swimmer and surfer (and the human population), this is a major problem. Luckily, this issue has lots of solutions and you can make a difference!

Whether you have been surfing your entire life or just looking to learn, keeping our oceans clean is super important.

The health of the ocean is vital to our own health, in and out of the water. Surfing in extremely contaminated and polluted waters can be dangerous to us just as pollution is dangerous to marine life and everything else in the ocean.

Here at HOKALI, we strive not only to teach the art of surfing but to empower surfers who want to protect and preserve our coasts and oceans.

It is our belief that each student can be a powerful force in contributing to the health and sustainability of our marine ecosystems.

HOKALI pledges to have a square foot of kelp sea tree planted for each lesson contracted through our platform. Our goal is to create and add to a community of surfers that are passionate about taking care of the oceans.

Helping to regrow kelp forests is just one of the ways HOKALI contributes to the sustainability of our oceans. A super easy and fun way to help keep the oceans clean is through beach clean-ups!

There’s no secret that tons of trash are left upon the sand along any beach. This trash then gets into the ocean and causes serious damage to marine life, coral reefs, and the ocean water itself. There are currently over five trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean and more entering it every day.

Whether you want to be a part of a larger beach clean-up or just take a stroll yourself to help collect and dispose of this trash, it will make a difference.

Organized beach clean-ups are an awesome way to give back to the ocean we all know and love. HOKALI organizes a beach clean-up every two months in our surf locations and even offers a free surf lesson on the sand. You’re not only improving our ocean’s health, you’ll get to learn how to surf as well!

HOKALI has hosted 18 clean-ups so far and we are just getting started!

Just within these 18 clean-ups and with the help of our 142 volunteers, we have prevented 512 pounds of trash from entering the ocean.

Beach Clean up event at HOKALI

Beach clean-ups are not only a great way to be a sustainable member of the community but they are super fun! Plus there’s no way to do a beach clean-up wrong.

All you need are some friends, gloves, and trash bags. Encouraging your family to get involved too is an awesome way to grow this community of sustainable surfers and will educate your youngsters on ocean conservation.

Our youth are key members of keeping the ocean clean as they will continue to do so throughout their lives. You can always bet on kids to keep up the enthusiasm and energy! You and your friends or family will get to hang out at the beach and get your steps in.

The other great thing about beach clean-ups is that they are a super-easy way to be eco-friendly. You don’t need many supplies and it doesn’t take up too much of your time. Let’s say you just had a surf session or lesson, you can stay a couple hours longer at the beach to pick up some trash. The ocean has just served you so why not give back!

HOKALI’s beach clean-ups are super accessible which is a plus. These clean-ups take place in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Jacksonville, and Oahu! Another great aspect of these beach clean-ups is that everyone of all ages is invited.

Kids will provide the energy and great eyesight for those small pieces while adults are knowledgeable on all things safety and disposing of the trash properly. Our older members can give wisdom and tips. Whether or not you are an avid ocean goer, who doesn’t love a clean, beautiful beach and clean world!

While anyone can pick up trash at the beach at any time, organized beach clean-ups are quite effective. With more volunteers, more trash is going to be picked up. The more the merrier!

Beach clean-ups with a group are going to be more encouraging and exciting. You are going to feel so good about your hard work when you hear how much trash your group, as a whole, has collected.

Beach Clean Up Event at HOKALI

Now that you know how easy, fun and helpful beach clean-ups are, grab your trash bags and get out there!

HOKALI is hosting their next beach clean-up on January 29th at 3 p.m. so mark your calendars! It is super easy to sign up through this form.

Contributing to the cleanliness of the oceans is such a great way to give back to the ocean that gives so much to each and every one of us.

If you are interested in other ways to stay a sustainable surfer, check out this blog post!

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