Differences between spinning and cycling

Have you ever been so tired of doing the same routine and it feels like you are in a workout rut?

In every sporting activity, there are always ways to change how you can work out and the things you can do to challenge yourself.

This is perfect because you can never get bored I mean from Pilates to yoga, from working out with machines to cross fit and now cycling to spinning.

There are always going to be people who prefer doing one or the other which is alright but I understand the confusion between cycling and spinning.

I mean, don’t they use a bike for exercise? Isn’t it the same thing? Why are there classes for both? Is it beneficial to know the difference between them?

Well, these questions are what we aim to help you answer in this battle against bikes.

Just remember that regardless of the workout they are great ideas for working out your legs and stamina.

Everyone’s goal when working out is to remain fit and healthy plus it always helps you feel confident.

Whether it’s CrossFit, jogging, swimming, golfing or surfing there are so many ways that exercises don’t feel like an exercise and can instead turn into a newfound hobby.

That is the same with bikes it’s a great way to help you shred fat and can be fun if you give it a chance.

If you are looking to start spinning take a look at our last blog post where we tell you what you need to know before you start.

When you think of cycling what comes to mind aside from a bike? I normally think of the Tour de France where women and men race for 3 weeks to reach the finish line.

Once I think of that I get exhausted and maybe you do too but that’s okay you don’t have to gear up and prepare to race across France maybe just down to your favourite coffee shop to start with.

Or instead of buying the bike and workout outdoors, you have the option of cycling in the gym.

Though it may be stationary you will still get a good workout from it and that is where spinning is similar.

Just like cycling in the gym so does spinning and with cycling, you can go anywhere.

Spinning bicycle in gym

That’s the beauty of cycling, choosing the options and where you want to go, the added benefit of knowing you can use it in your day-to-day life as well.

When you think of spinning do you think of the Ariana Grande song Side to Side? I know I do and hey if you don’t worry that song plays in the class.

Spinning is stationary which may sound like a thumbs down but it depends on what you prefer.

Now with spinning, you have the option of different classes from beginner to professional.

Regardless of the choice, you make there will always be an instructor to help push you through the class.

The classes you take in spinning are more intense and they tailor to your fitness level.

They also help you with intense cardio that will help you burn calories faster and tone your muscles and it’s a great way to socialise with other people.

With spinning, you can work out your legs and your arms because in some classes they will tell you to add weights.

The goal of spinning is to do a low-impact exercise that is easy on your joints.

It is like where you can control your speed, with spinning you can do that by increasing or decreasing your resistance on the bike.

Spinning also helps people who have joint pain and by doing this you can avoid more pain.

As we get older we want ways to keep ourselves from feeling joint pain and it’s even better when there is a workout that can tailor to that.

Just as mentioned above about Ariana Grande, the music that plays as you are in your spinning class will give you motivation as well as a chance to groove to the music.

As you exercise your instructor will be giving you certain cues that can be from resistance, motion movement on the bike or picking up weights.

The instructors make sure to use the music to also help you cue those sequences.

So, just when you thought you couldn’t challenge yourself, they add choreography into the mix.

How you like that!

When working out one of the most important phrases you will hear or know is “engage your core” this is key to you protecting your lower back.

With spinning, you are urged to keep an upright position as you balance yourself on the bike this will help you activate your core.

Remember bad core = bad back.

Differences between spinning and cycling

Now, though there are many similarities when it comes to spinning or cycling on your bike there are certain things you should ask yourself.

Which one will challenge you harder?

Sure you can always make yourself cycle far distances and go up hills or you can be in a class where you continue to build your strength with resistance and weights.

Will I have fun?

That all depends on you, if you are interested in a more controlled routine then cycling might be your piece of cake.

If you want a chance to be in a community, with music, and fun motivation instructors then spinning is your thang.

We all have different preferences and that’s what makes us who we are.

However, if you want a chance to try a new workout then go ahead and join a community that is supportive and motivational like the spinning community.

We at Hokali are here to help and if you want to find out more about other exercises that may be new to you or you are interested in then go ahead and check out our blog.

Or if you are interested in trying out a spinning class then go to our main page and take your interest to the next level.

Happy Spinning!

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