Brazilian jiu-jitsu for beginners

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a well-known sport worldwide, mainly for its series of grappling techniques and ground fighting tactics that serve the main purpose of taking down an opponent.

The central idea in this sport is that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend him/herself against a bigger and stronger opponent by using force and weight distribution.

Taking the combat to the ground by using several holds, chokes, and submissions is the secret ingredient here 

So, it can be concluded that this martial art is a great sport and also prepare its students physically and to be apt to protect themselves in a situation where self-defense is needed.

white belt of Jiu-jitsu San Francisco

And though it’s challenging it won’t take a person a few sessions to get into the primordial basics.

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How to learn jiu-jitsu being a complete beginner?

The first thing to keep in mind as a beginner is that jiu-jitsu is not an easy art and demands a lot of practice, something usual with any art one wants to learn. 

Here is a whole article that explains in detail how to get into this sport!

The ranking system is full proof that each belt requires a greater effort and discipline than the previous one to achieve the next belt

  • White belt

Here is where everything starts. At this stage it’s all about learning, practicing, and never giving up.

Always seeking that little chance to further improve is what leads to the following belt.

  • Blue belt

At this level one is capable of rolling with a white belt with ease for at this point, basic techniques have been acquired with the previous stage. 

As one’s progresses, it’s noticeable to realize that there are various styles in jiu-jitsu, this allows the student to mold themselves as desired as they gradually progress 

  • Purple belt

Being this an advanced level, new techniques can be more challenging (and they are), but still necessary for growth in this sport.

Here is where a student has learned the basics to the point of having the capacity to combine those basics that broaden the student’s repertoire of movements

  • Brown belt

At this point, a jiu-jitsu practitioner should be able to perform moves smoothly for their technique should be well refined in this stage.

The main goal of a brown belt nevertheless, is to keep improving on their skills for there is always a little something that can be boosted. 

  • Black belt

It not only signifies higher expertise regarding technical and practical skills in comparison to the previous belts above 

Being a black belt relays mainly on the person’s sense of moral standards. 

Someone with enormous physical capacity for the sport and morals, is mainly the best combination and requirements of a black belt.

Jiu-jitsu San Francisco

Breathing techniques are a must in jiu-jitsu 

Imagine someone that performs different moves and techniques to perfection but not being able to keep their breath.

A good breathing technique not only endorses stamina but also helps clear the mind before, during, and after a series of grappling and choking 

Meditation or any other form of mindfulness activity is great to improve breathing and overall, does wonder!

Stretch constantly!

When it comes to practicing jiu-jitsu it is an essential step to warm and stretch the physique. 

The outstanding reason is that athletes depend on warming up and conditioning their bodies so that severe injuries can be evaded.

Stretching should be something like a little routine on the side (for at least 20 minutes per day), which would force a student to fall into the habit.

What is Rolling?

Jiu-jitsu San Francisco

It is a fundamental technique that allows falling safely while performing jiu-jitsu.

Rolling techniques are important to avoid injuries by lessening the impact caused when touching down on the ground.

2 types of rolling that every beginner must learn

  • Front Roll

Start from a normal shoulder-width stance with both hands to the side. Make a step forward, the other leg is stationary while the dominant hand is raised seemingly parallel to the floor. Lead with and place the dominant hand on the ground, all in one motion  while gravity does its job. Tucking the chin towards the chest will avoid the head from touching the floor, which can cause harm.

  • Back Roll

Sit on the floor with the back upright while your legs are stretched flat in front of you. Pull one knee to the chest while keeping the other leg in position, then cross your arms over your chest. Just as in the front roll, chin downwards and raise your extended leg upwards towards the opposite shoulder. 

Remember, an all-in-one motion, and a good back roll will be the results!

A little tip that will help to get the roll smoother is slapping the ground with your palms when the roll is nearly the upper section of the back to reduce the impact.

Another fundamental would be the grip

This aspect, just as the others, tend to separate a novice from an elite BBJ athlete, that’s because fundamentals either build or not a solid athlete.

Having a good grip allows to gain more control on the opponent, to know when, how, and where to grip an opponent is what this is all about

Jiu-jitsu San Francisco

How to get a stronger grip?

Hanging on a pull up bar without doing the actually pull ups is also a good way to develop grip solid as a rock.

Doing the pull ups too will be of a great exercise to strengthen the grip.

There is a lot more to put in regarding the basics of BBJ, however the ones above is at the same time, a good starting point.

Putting into practice those techniques will also help to identify if jiu-jitsu is something that really draws your interest.

And I am certain that you are into it too, so say no more and let’s work on those for now, more techniques will then come in the why!

A little tip to make things softer is to practice on a mat. 

This will avoid useless or surface more friendly. It can be on the grass, for those nature lovers 

So, Where do I start? What next?

Reading this article was already a perfect start! Hokali offers the best starting point for anyone who wants to learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu from scratch. Make it even better if it’s in San Francisco!!

The next thing to keep in mind, when learning this sport is the goal, is that the best way to learn is by having in front of you someone who has been practicing extensively, someone that loves jiu-jitsu, pretty obvious right?

Now, at this point, we all know what are the purposes of Jiu-jitsu, how it works, and some basic techniques as well.  

So…What next? 

Hokali offers all that’s needed to succeed in this martial art,  so if you think that jiu-jitsu is for you feel free to check our classes in San Francisco right here! 

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“The rule is to train, train and train some more. Train until the lamb becomes the lion” – Paulo Miyao

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