Benefits that will make you love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Have you ever sat back and thought, why is it we do what we do? And the element is that whether it be studying, working, or whatever is necessary for a person to survive every 24 hours; we do it with an endeavor of getting an accomplishment. We study to get wiser, we work so that we can earn, and we work out to look and feel better, and nothing is wrong with that! Is part of our being. The bottom line is that as humans we love to know what’s in for us in whatever we do! Now, because of the same reason previously portrayed, I am here to outline the compelling reasons along with the benefits of getting into jiu-jitsu

Before moving on, hang tight…there is a storm of cool benefits awaiting to rock you!

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Physical benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • Lose weight

    It’s not a surprise that with the amount of psychical activity placed towards the practice of jiu-jitsu, which can gradually lead to a leaner body 

  • Flexibility

    Having a well-articulated body is not only a great benefit of jiu-jitsu, but it is key to applying all techniques and moves.

    Note: When starting to practice jiu-jitsu, the body will eventually adapt little by little to the techniques in a progressive direction.

Men practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a tournament
  • Strength

    As one progresses in jiu-jitsu, it is also common to develop more physical power because the majority of muscles are engaged. 
  • Better cardiovascular capacity

     Though jiu-jitsu is not like swimming whereby solid lungs are crucial, it can become a tight battle underwater. Training cardiovascular capacity is another way of boosting stamina. And this is because jiu-jitsu can easily be considered a workout of high intensity (HIIT) and this is big news for the heart.
  • Better posture

    It’s common to see one or two folks with a nerd’s neck, perhaps, someone that may usually walk or stand as if gravity was designed to make their lives miserable. And that’s pretty normal, however, jiu-jitsu helps tremendously in our posture which is important to avoid any unnecessary physical fatigue.

Mental Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • Stress reliever

    For many beginners, this may not be an immediate benefit. However, jiu-jitsu helps us filter our thoughts effectively and rapidly for we will constantly find ourselves under locks and submission that require concentration and calmness. Consequently, this leads to a night of better sleep. And why not? After a good day of training, anyone would lust for their beds.
  • Discipline

     The secret is here! To be consistent is all that is needed to progress. It’s about creating a sequence of training and following that process. After developing that discipline needed to just go on that mat and give it all will eventually build discipline in other aspects of our lives.
man focusing on his oponent while practicing jiu jitsu
  • Mental endurance

    It teaches you to be calm while the storm is all up in your face
  • Self Esteem

    Have you ever felt insufficient to physically and mentally achieve your goals? Trust me, dear reader. We ALL go through that feeling sometimes. But our hero has arrived! Jiu-Jitsu is great at boosting your confidence. The fact that this sport provides all the previous benefits mentioned so far, (whether being a beginner or pro) is what condensed altogether leads to having a bigger love for oneself and feeling proud.
  • Concentration

    This plays a big role in martial arts and mainly because being focused is equivalent to better performance. Also having a still mind that is focused will increase our capacity to make better choices in life.

Social Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

  • Develop self-awareness

    Being attentive to a given situation is a prerequisite to knowing how to react to that situation. Jiu-Jitsu, most of the time can be a complete mind game where you are the game. 
  • Helps the Introverts

    When learning jiu-jitsu,  teamwork plays a big role in developing individual skills. And because of the social demand, it’s easy for a shy beginner to get more and more comfortable and sociable.
  • It teaches you Self-Defense

    To defend oneself from aggression, physical activity is involved. However, self-defense is possible in the scenario where there is one person or more individuals, which makes it a social situation also. 
Benefits of Jiu-Jitsu

So this means that it’s not only about dodging punches and whatnot, it’s about having the social ability to keep ourselves protected without harming the other person if not necessary for our security.

Jiu-Jitsu simply does not leave anyone out! There is at least a little bit of something in for each individual that gives themselves to practice BBJ

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, also,  is moreover extraordinary for the little ones too!

Along with the benefits already outlined, it is easy to conclude that BBJ is just as beneficial for kids.

With all the good stuff, this sport has to offer its practitioners, can easily become the cornerstone for success during a kid’s childhood throughout their juvenility, further on. 

Two young jiu-jitsu beginners practicing the basics

Benefits of Jiu-Jitsu for kids

  • It teaches youngsters at a very fresh age, the impact of discipline in life. Which (in my opinion) is one of the main components of success in life. Kids are energetic, so at this point, you got the idea. That’s within them, there is no time limit when it comes to fun and BJJ is a good choice for them
  • Enrolling them in. a beginners class won’t harm anyone, on contrary, it is a good way to see whether the child shows interest in the sport or not. 
  • Good news mom and dad! During the classes, a child is also more susceptible to being obedient, which can thereafter lead to happier parents.

Any sport, in general, is great for the formation of a child. 

There is a whole section we have prepared for the younger athletes, check it out!  

Jiu-Jitsu has a benefit for everyone whereby it is great for the younger hence it helps with development. And for the older folks, practicing jiu-jitsu regularly will turn into great gains.

Anyone can start being a clueless jiu-jitsu beginner to someone who would have acquired the basic techniques of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

As always recommended, having a coach that can effectively impart the fundamentals to beginners practitioners and nowhere better than here!

As long as the practice is regular, bit by bit the benefits of jiu-jitsu will be more noticeable!

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