Fantastic benefits of Swimming

Are you looking to change up your workout routine or add something new to your life? Swimming might just become your new favorite activity! You might just think about swimming around on a nice pool day or in the ocean, but swimming can be a great workout and new hobby. While swimming is super fun, there are a ton of great benefits to it!

Swimming is not only going to benefit your health but your mind too.

Another great aspect of swimming is that you can do it at any age with limited equipment. All you need is access to a pool or the ocean, a swimsuit, and maybe a pair of goggles.

Here is a list of just some of the benefits of swimming regularly.

Heart rate up, impact stress down 

A lot of sports and workouts require a lot of impact which can stress your body and cause issues later on.

Swimming allows you to get your heart rate up like other activities but doesn’t put that same strain on your body because you aren’t really making contact with the ground or other objects.

This is going to be super beneficial in the long run, especially if you plan on being active throughout your lifetime.

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Tones muscles 

You may be aware that swimming is one of those workouts where you are using your entire body so in turn, it tones all your muscles rather than having to target each one individually.

While most strokes use all of your muscles, you can try doing various strokes to focus on specific muscle groups. 

Builds strength and endurance

Just like running and a lot of other exercises, swimming is going to build endurance and strength so that you can get up those eight flights of stairs when the elevator is down without breaking a sweat or losing your breath.

Having endurance is so important for your health and allows you to do all the other activities in your life.

Improves cardiovascular health 

Swimming is known to increase ​​heart and lung health which isn’t only going to be great in the present but also in the future. Heart and lung health is essential to our overall health so this might be one of the best benefits to swimming.

Swimming is known to be a great exercise for people with asthma due to the breathing exercises that go along with it. Holding your breath and gaining the ability to hold it longer is going to increase lung capacity and give you the ability to control your breathing better.


Swimming, unlike a lot of other sports, is accessible to those with injury, disability, and other conditions such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

This is due to the gentle resistance and low impact. Swimming can reduce joint pain and stiffness due to support of the water which makes your body more buoyant. Swimming can be a great rehab sport for those with injuries from other sports too. 

Maintains a healthy body weight

Just like your other exercises such as walking and running, swimming is going to keep you at a healthy body weight.

This is because swimming is a great way to burn calories and stay active. Swimming is great for the person who is looking to stay in shape at a healthy weight without picking up the weights and enforcing a strict diet.

Swimming allows you to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle so that you can still eat that cookie after dinner.

Head over to HOKALI’s blog post to learn more about maintaining a healthy weight.

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ANOTHER GREAT BENEFIT: Stress management 

Swimming is known to be a very calming sport. Working out, in general, releases endorphins which relieve stress and pain while boosting feelings of pleasure and happiness.

Swimming can be very relaxing and peaceful whereas some exercises are not so much. This might be due to its connection with nature, even if you are in a pool. Being in water connects us back to our earth’s elements.

Another reason swimming is so calming might be due to the absence of noise under the water. Silence allows one to reflect and re-center.

A few other benefits: 

-Improves flexibility, coordination, and balance

-Increases energy and improves sleeping habits

-Safe workout during pregnancy 

Swimming is not only fun but can be extremely beneficial to your overall physical and mental health.

Whether you are 15 or 65, this is a great way to stay active and boost your health for years to come. Head over to HOKALI to learn more about our best tips and tricks for staying healthy and happy. You could book swimming lessons very soon! Stay tuned!

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