A beginner’s guide to golfing

If you are someone who has always wanted to learn how to golf, then look no further! Golf is a great sport that you can learn to play at any age. Now is the perfect time to book your first lesson with a professional coach and reap the amazing benefits of being outdoors, staying active, making friends, and learning a new skill! Here is a beginner’s guide to golfing!

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Many people who have never golfed before think it is a particularly challenging sport to start with high barriers to entry – however, this is not true! Anyone can learn to golf if you have proper coaching—whether you’re practicing on a golf course or not.

It can be intimidating to have to go out and find equipment, namely clubs, if you are not an experienced golfer—therefore it is a great idea to start golfing with a friend, or take a golf lesson! 

You are bound to have a fun, rewarding experience and improve your skill in a shorter amount of time. The following are some recommended golf tips for beginners.

We’ll also cover some do’s and dont’s for new golfers so that you can be sure to have the most fun, rewarding experience:

So, what are the ways to start golfing? From most to least experience required: of course, the most obvious form of golfing is on a range where you will play 9 or 18+ holes and walk the course.

Woman playing golf on a driving range

Secondly, you can also go to a driving range to practice your swing.

This is where you’ll pay for a basket of balls to hit and work on your swing. Before you take the leap to golfing on a course, where you will be expected to navigate and carry out the full round, you should definitely start on the range.

It is a very low-stakes atmosphere and you can stay for as long or as short as you desire, without worrying that you are ever interfering with someone’s game.

Besides golfing ranges and courses for beginners, you can also play mini golf!

This is a fun daytime or evening activity with another person or in a group. Despite what people may say, mini golf is not only for kids! It can be for adults and amateur golfers.

Mini golf is great for practicing close shots, whereas driving ranges can help you with your big swing simply by getting a high number of reps in.  

No matter where you are at, the last thing you should care about is other people judging you! Have fun and enjoy the sport that golf is – and anyways, anyone you think is watching you is probably only trying to better their swing and take their golfing to the next level! Everyone was a beginner once!

Work with a professional

You guessed it—working with a professional is undeniably the best way to get proper swing form and give you the necessary confidence to step out and up to the plate.

Working one-on-one with a professional will help you progress at a much quicker rate – and it likely is not as costly or time consuming as you suspect!

Even one day a week is a great way to build the skill level and accompanying confidence to set you on course – no pun intended. If you have been searching for a professional to start golfing with, consider booking a golf lesson!

Otherwise, find a golfing buddy to practice with. Like any other sport or activity, it is always more fun to learn with a friend.

Tips on your swing

Don’t try and deny it, by now you’ve seen enough golf on TV that you probably recognize the little golf foot shuffle and rocking side to side motion displayed by golfers.

A long shot or big swing looks especially impressive if the person is using his or her entire body throughout. Do not keep your head staring down at the ground and unmoving, but instead, follow through as you move through the swing.

The bend should come from your hips, rather than your knees. Start your swing looking at your target and finish with your face and torso facing the target. Make sure you do not stay flat footed.

What to buy if you are a beginner

Another not-so misconception about golf is that it is a very expensive sport! In fact, it is one of the most expensive sports in the world. This is another reason for so-called high barriers to entry.

But do not let this limit your ability to start playing – you can still start small and enjoy the sport with only the essentials.

Invest in a glove to protect your hand from blisters and calluses, and some proper golf attire, including a hat visor and sunglasses.

Consider borrowing and testing out a few clubs before you get one of your own. You will save a lot of money by purchasing a club second-hand or preowned—there are some great options out there!

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Rules in golf

Golf does have many rules, but the most important thing for a new golfer on the course is to be respectful to the people and the property.

Pay attention and be ready to take your shot when it is your turn so that you are not slowing down the round. Do not interfere with someone’s swing by standing too close or making distracting noises. Try to leave the course as you found it by evening out dents of divots in the ground or on the green after you’ve taken your swing.

Most players do not care about the skill level of the person with whom they are playing. And even if they do, you should not waste any time feeling self-conscious or worried that you are not good enough to play! It is a fun sport for all levels and abilities. Hopefully these basics help get you started! 

Remember the good shots and don’t sweat the bad shots!

Golf is a tough sport and it is easy to get discouraged, but it is worth the effort. You will hone your skill, make friends, and profit from beautiful sunny days.

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