5 ways to keep your keys safe while surfing

Getting ready to head out for your upcoming surf lesson but don’t know ways to keep your keys safe while surfing? Well, you should know that most people have had the exact same thoughts when beginning their surfing journey.

Keys, whether they be for your house, car, or for work, are major prized possessions. We sometimes overlook how important they actually are, and how losing access to them can feel completely life altering.

There was one specific morning at 6 am on a crisp, cool Thursday, where I had a pretty big wake up call in regards to this topic.

I was headed out for a blissful dawn patrol session at Ala Moana Bowls on the south shore of Oahu with my friend, and I could not wait to start the morning off right with a little salt water love.

After we finished unloading our boards from our car, we locked the doors, and got ready to head out. That’s when it hit me. Where the heck are my keys? I thought to myself. I peered in the passenger window of my car, and there they were, locked inside, lying across the driver’s seat.

A lot of time had passed, and we were eventually able to get in contact with my friend’s dad, thanks to the help of the sweetest girl parked next to us. Fortunately, her dad was able to pry open the driver’s door and get my keys back.

After that experience, my keys have become my number one concern every time I head out for a session, and I always make sure they’re safe.

Every beginner surfer should do their best to learn to prioritize and protect their keys early on.

Down below are five ways to keep your keys safe while surfing!

1) Attach it to your leash.

You may be thinking what happens if my leash falls off? Wouldn’t I lose my keys?

If you attach it poorly, then yes. However, properly connecting your keys to your leash is one of the easiest ways to make sure they are safe and in your sight during your session.

Every beginner should use a leash when surfing. Start by un-velcroing the part that’s connected to your board.

The part of the leash being held in the picture below is where you should loop your key through. Once you’ve done that, re-velcro your leash and you’re all set!


2) Attach it to your wetsuit/swimsuit.

If you’re paranoid about leaving your keys somewhere on shore, we completely understand. Like the leash method, this option will allow for your keys to be out in the ocean with you, and can work with many types of surfwear.

If you’re headed out to surf in a place that’s on the colder side, it’s definitely a good idea to find a wetsuit that best fits the temperature of your location.

A lot of wetsuits will have some type of string or zipper pouch that you can attach or put your keys in, so if you’re really fond of this option, make sure to reach for a wetsuit with these features!

On the other hand, if your upcoming session is in a warmer, more tropical climate, such as Hawaii, you’ll most likely be wearing some type of bikini, one piece, or board shorts.

Like wetsuits, board shorts usually will have some type of string or pocket you can utilize as ways to keep your keys safe while surfing.

If you’re wearing a bikini or one piece with removable straps, you can use one of them to loop through your keys!

3) Hide them on your car.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Say that you completely forgot making sure your keys are safe was an element of surfing, and you also don’t feel comfortable bringing them out into the ocean with you. Don’t fret, as that worry is completely understandable.

There are still alternatives, which include finding ways to hide your keys from the public.

Some approaches include disguising them behind your license plate, planting them in one of your tires, or concealing them under your bumper.

If you do decide to partake in one of these methods, always keep in mind that there are lots of thieves out there in the world, so be careful and precise! Remember to follow these ways to keep your keys safe while surfing!

4) Leave them with a trusted individual.

People are oftentimes the best source of help. If there’s anyone you know that will be in the vicinity of the beach you’re deciding to go surfing at, don’t be shy to reach out and ask them to watch your keys! It’s an almost guaranteed yes.

If there’s nobody you know that’s going to be present at the beach you’re headed out to, try and check the surrounding neighborhood to see if anyone you know lives close by.

Leaving your keys at a friend or family member’s house will provide really great and reliable watch over them making it great ways to keep your keys safe while surfing.

Still can’t seem to find any familiar faces in the area?

Think about any of the local shops you’re familiar with!

A lot of the time, employees genuinely appreciate their regular customers and absolutely love lending a helpful hand to them when they’re in need.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and see if they’d watch over your keys while you’re out in the big blue. This is also a really good option since a lot of stores have lockboxes.

5) Use a lockbox.

Speaking of lockboxes, this method is definitely the best one when it comes to the ensured safety of your keys.

There are tons that you can buy online for pretty decent prices, and they will definitely come in handy.

An undoubtedly great lockbox option is the HitchSafe Key Vault, as this one isn’t very obvious to the public eye.

Anything that doesn’t look intriguing to the thieves of our world is a good thing.

Always remember that if a particular way of keeping your keys safe makes you uncomfortable, unsure, or anxious, there are many other approaches you can take!

After hearing about the importance of paying attention to your keys as well as these 5 methods for keeping them safe, we hope you feel more prepared for your next surf session!

If you ever find yourself unsure, this article is always here to provide you with guidance and reminders!


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