5 positive effects you wIll see after one month of Yoga

Yoga is a mental and physical exercise that stimulates both the body and brain.

Performing yoga has been proven to provide many mental and physical benefits for all types of people.

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Before you start your journey into the activity of yoga, I compiled a list of five positive effects yoga will have on your mind and body after one month of practicing it.

Better Balance and Strength

Although it may not seem like a very vigorous activity, yoga engages all of the muscles in your body when performing it.

Many of the poses you perform during yoga engage your core which will help with overall balance of the body. Core strength is crucial to yoga and will translate to an overall healthier body.

Other poses such as the crane and crow will force your arms to do a lot of the work. Yoga stimulates your muscles by forcing them to control your own body weight.

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More Flexibility

In its nature, yoga is an exercise that practices a lot of different stretches. During most yoga poses, you will be stretching your muscles and increasing your range of motion. By doing this, your flexibility will improve.

One main area a lot of people see growth in during the first month of yoga is their lower back.

Lower back pain is very common among adults. Different yoga poses such as the cat-cow and sphinx pose unlock your lower back muscles and in turn loosen them. Although it may be challenging at first, these poses will become easier as your body becomes more flexible.

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Enhanced Clarity and Energy

One of the most important benefits people see while practicing yoga is increased clarity and energy throughout their day. Even if you complete your session of yoga right before you go to bed, the clarity of mind and refreshed energy will translate to the next day.

Yoga allows you to take your mind out of the daily stressors of the world and into an area of peace and serenity.

Practicing yoga for just 15-minutes is proven to boost both your mental and physical energy. It will make you feel happier and more alert, leading to greater productivity throughout your day.

Promotes Heart Health

According to a study done by the John Hopkins Medical School, there is a direct correlation between yoga and heart health.

Practicing yoga has been proven to reduce stress levels and overall body inflammation. In turn, it is very likely someone who practices yoga will have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels compared to someone who does not.

Improved Sleep Patterns

Practicing yoga for 10-15 minutes before you go to bed is very common and is proven to have great effects on your sleep.

Yoga will help calm down your mind and put it into a position that is ready to fall asleep. It prepares you to fall asleep and stay asleep by performing focused and rhythmic breathing.

Performing yoga before bed also allows you to unwind and reflect on your day. After a quick session of nighttime yoga, you will have a clear head that is prepared to get a great night of rest.

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