4 surfing motivators

Always wanted to try out a surf lesson, but feeling hesitant or scared to because you do not have surfing motivators?

Are you a former surfer who lost your love for the sport and had your passion for it completely dwindle away?

Well if so, you are at the right place. Surfing can bring so many joys and benefits into a person’s life that make all the hard paddle-outs worth it.

Down below are 4 surfing motivators for you to start surfing!

1) Surfing motivators: Relationships

It is no secret that when you go surfing, you will be surrounded by a lot of other surfers.

The more you go, the more familiar faces you will start to see, especially if you are heading out into the same spot each time. These familiar faces can be referred to as the “regulars” of the area.

Sending out good vibes to the surfers around you can lead to meaningful introductions and start up fun conversations!

Who knows, maybe you will end up meeting your future best friend or future partner out there.

I remember when my best friend first started taking me out to surf with her at Ala Moana Bowls on the south shore of Oahu, I would see this father with his young son almost every session. Since he became a familiar face to me, we would say hi and partake in enjoyable conversations. Now every time we head out, we hope to see him!

On the other hand, if you are a former surfer, returning to the ocean could be an amazing way to rekindle friendships and relationships with the regulars at your favorite surf spot. You will also be able to see those familiar faces you miss.

Another aspect of how relationships can motivate you to head out for a session is by utilizing your current ones.

What I mean by this is find a friend who wants to go surfing and plan a day to head out with them. You do not wanna be a person who bails and lets them down! Use that as your motivator.

2) Surfing motivators: Health benefits

Do not worry, the brutal paddle-outs are not for nothing. Surfing is an amazing workout that allows for so many positive benefits for not just your body, but for your mind as well.

Aside from the actual act of surfing, being in the ocean can provide you with so many great benefits on its own, and it is quite obvious that surfing requires you to be submerged into the ocean.

Some of these benefits include the release of “feel good” hormones and endorphins, better breathing and sinuses, being exposed to beneficial minerals like magnesium, and much more.

Personally, I’m a huge believer in “ocean therapy” especially when I’m surfing.

Being surrounded by the beautiful big blue creates a comfort and peace like no other, and one you might not even be aware of. Try it out, and see if you too experience “ocean therapy”!

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3) Surfing motivators: Good pastime

Are you currently searching for a hobby and in a pickle about what to do with your free time? Well, taking up surfing is the perfect solution for this.

For most beginners, it can take a lot of time to fully feel comfortable in the ocean riding their boards. Because of this, you will have to dedicate a lot of your free time to working on and perfecting your surfing skills. Practice makes perfect!

If you are a former surfer looking for some type of motivation to get back into the big blue, use this free time of yours as an excuse to do so!

Even if your passion has dwindled greatly and you’re hesitant about returning to the activity, heading out for a session is so much better than doing something like laying in your bed all day and these surfing motivators can show that to you.

I mean, who knows, maybe that spark will eventually be lit again. You will never know unless you utilize your free time!

4) The views

You may not have ever realized it, but you’ve probably only seen an outside view of the land you live on a few times or even never, unless you travel a lot.

Surfing will give you an amazing view of the nature you are surrounded with, and a different, yet beautiful perspective of it.

I mean think about it, you are out in the ocean, separated from the land you spend so much of your time on.

Where else are you gonna get that type of amazing view? Yes, there are things like boats, jet skis, and airplanes, but surfing allows you to feel more connected with the nature you are observing since you are actually in the water.

I remember this one specific day that I was surfing. It was unfortunately really flat, leading me to have to sit and wait around for a decent amount of time. This time of pause allowed me to look around and realize what a truly great view I had of my beautiful home, Hawaii.

I got to see a new perspective of the mountain ranges, and a gorgeous view of the surrounding ocean, both of which were provided because I was surfing.

Now that you’ve read this article, absorb these benefits and allow them to motivate you the next time you’re on the fence about surfing. You never know if a newfound passion will be born or returned to you.

Remember that this article is always here for you if you are ever unsure about heading out into the big blue and cannot find surfing motivators. Nevertheless, stay safe and have fun!


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