10 tips to start Swimming

Have you ever wondered why swimming is fun and great for you? Wondered whether it’s worth the effort to start swimming?

Or have too many horror ocean-themed movies scared you from trying?

The best way to start something is by asking yourself questions about its benefits or time.

This is why these questions are here and yes though they may be weird questions, however, we all have a reason for why we don’t want to swim and don’t worry it’s perfectly normal to have moments of fear for whatever reason and doubts too those feelings are always welcomed.

However, those shouldn’t stop you from trying something new that can turn into a perfect workout routine.

Just Do it” is one of the most famous quotes/ slogans that is used by the biggest workout and leisure company in the world Nike.

There is a reason why until today you don’t need to think twice when you hear that slogan because you understand where it came from.

This is the mindset that can help you work out and try new things.

Now swimming may seem like more of a hassle instead of doing your normal workout routine and that’s okay.

However, swimming has some incredible benefits that will help you both physically and mentally and in this post, there will be some helpful tips to help you get started with swimming.

Before we get to the tips to help you begin swimming how about some benefits of swimming?

Just like all the exercises, some can help you target certain areas of your body whether it’s leg day or arms day all these workouts help cater to your specifics.

With swimming, you can manage to combine all the workouts in one.

By that, we mean by working all of your muscles because you are constantly moving your body against the water and pushing yourself forward.

Swimming also helps with maintaining your heart rate and with the act of swimming you get to reduce the level of stress you have… although you need to start swimming first.

In regards to exercise, swimming helps with building the level of endurance that you have as well as the muscle strength in your body.

Who doesn’t want to work out their whole body in one way and don’t worry if you want to feel the pain because “no pain no gain”.  

Swimming will give you that impact the more you learn how to swim and move faster you can continue to build and tone your muscles.

Now that you have managed to get a summary of the benefits of swimming, does that make you want to take on the challenge of swimming?

We hope so and now let’s talk about the tips you are about to read through, these tips are to help you get excited about swimming, trust your instructor and tips that can help you before you start so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”

Everything in life happens once you try and if you don’t believe us then at least trust the words of the world’s greatest scientist Albert Einstein.  

Girl swimming in a swimming pool

Here are the top 10 tips to start swimming!

Suit of Armor

Just before you start swimming it’s important to find the right swimming costume for yourself.

You want to feel comfortable and guarded and yet free. When choosing your swimming cap remember to get one that fits your head comfortably but it isn’t too tight.

Then to complete the Armor you need goggles these will help you see underwater and also helps your eyes not get red from the chlorine.

Swimming caps are used to help your hair so that the chlorine doesn’t damage hair.


Before you start your swimming lesson, it’s recommended that you warm your body up. Just like when you are about to start your gym or running routine.

Everyone has their way of warming up it can be stretching to prevent muscle strain, arm circles or jump rope.

Warming up will help your body with blood flow and getting used to being in the water.

It takes two

When you start swimming, you won’t be alone you will have your instructor with you.

Your instructor is your friend at that moment and they will help you put your anxiety or fears of the water to one side and turn swimming into a new hobby.

Remember they are there to help you so don’t be afraid to voice your concerns.

Become one with the water

Once you and your instructor are acquainted this is when they will teach you the act of gliding.

Gliding is a technique to help you float in the water this is essential to learn how to do certain swimming strokes like breaststrokes, freestyle or butterfly.

Your instructor will help you learn more about your body and how best to use it to help you glide throughout the water and help you maintain balance.

Breath in Breath Out

When it comes to swimming the most important part is learning how to breathe.

Now, this isn’t a technique that you can use and suddenly become Aquaman (sorry to all DC fans).

However, it will help you last longer whilst you swim especially with your strokes.

It may seem unnatural at the start and if it feels difficult it may help to keep the common phrase used in every exercise which is to breathe in when your head is underwater and breath out when you lift your head as you swim.

These lessons will come with the help of your instructor.

Patience is done through practice

It’s only natural to want to get started with swimming after learning the basics. You have to remember that it can sometimes take time for all the lessons so far to kick in.

Understand your body, how you breath and how you move whilst in the water this will help you when you begin to learn the strokes.

It’s about drive

As a beginner in swimming, it can sometimes be difficult to want to come back to your lessons and that’s ok.

All you need to do is to find your motivation to continue and overcome your fears to find your confidence in the water.

Just do it!

Once you have achieved the basics of swimming, then comes the true challenge which is to put it all in one.

When you start your swimming lessons you will begin to learn how to do the basics the swimming strokes.

This is when the lessons of gliding come to play and if you forget remember your instructor is there to help you.

You are allowed to have a favourite

When you have started swimming and learnt the different strokes, you will begin to notice which ones you prefer and that’s okay.

Just like how some exercises in the gym can be your favourite.

You are allowed to like all strokes of swimming or one.

The essential part is to be confident as your swim and to use the techniques taught by your Yoda (instructor).

Celebrate good times come on!

This is the best part about swimming, make sure to pat yourself on the back and celebrate achieving this goal!

Just like every time you lose or gain weight, it’s important to celebrate the milestone! 

These are the 10 tips that will help you start your swimming journey and don’t worry if you feel like it’s difficult to start well we at Hokali offer amazing lessons with great instructors so be sure to click the link below to get started!

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