10 health benefits of surfing

On the fence about learning to surf? Not sure if you should sign up for that local surf lesson you heard about? Well, maybe hearing this will change that hesitation into a definite YESThere are many health benefits that come with learning to surf, and down below are 10 of them!

1) First health benefit of surfing: Better heart health

It’s a commonly known fact that any type of exercise increases your heart rate, and surfing is no exception. Because the continual paddling gets your heart rate up, it can oftentimes make a beginner surfer out of breath, but don’t let a little cardio scare you!

Surfing has great health benefits

Continuing to surf overtime will totally be worth it, and your cardiovascular muscles will be thanking you. The activity leads to lower blood pressure ultimately decreasing your risk of health problems like disease, heart attack, and stroke.

2) Stronger and more toned muscles.

Obviously surfing will strengthen your arms, shoulders, and back, but did you know this ocean activity has just as much of a positive impact on your leg and core muscles as well?

While riding a wave, your legs are in a squat position a lot of time making for a great workout. Your core is also responsible for keeping you balanced, not only while standing, but also when lying down and sitting on your board.

3) Another health benefit of surfing: Boosted immune system and metabolism.

This particular benefit is dependent on what part of the world you’re deciding to head out on the water in. It goes hand in hand with cold water, so if you’re surfing in a tropical area, such as Hawaii, a boosted immune system may not necessarily be a part of the packaged deal.

If the area you’re learning to surf carries cold water, constantly submerging yourself in it has been proven to immensely improve one’s immune system. This is because your body is being forced to heat up at a faster rate, which also increases your metabolic rate!

While immersing yourself in cold water does bring these amazing benefits along with it, never forget that your safety should still be your number one priority. You should constantly be careful and aware of the possible effects of things like hypothermia and cold shock.

4) Dose of Vitamin D.

Every person knows that surfing is an outdoor activity. What goes hand in hand with the outdoors? That’s right, the sun!

The sun is responsible for providing us with Vitamin D, a super important nutrient for all humans. It allows us to be able to maintain strong bones by regulating the amount of calcium and phosphorus present in our blood. Vitamin D even helps regulate the growth of our skin cells.

5) Better quality of sleep.

It’s no secret that surfing is a strenuous activity. All that energy put into a session can cause major physical exhaustion, and your body needs time to rejuvenate. This allows for longer, deeper sleeps to help with the much needed muscle repairment.

You’ve probably heard of melatonin supplements before. If you haven’t, they’re enhancers that aid in helping people maintain healthy sleep patterns, but did you know our bodies produce our own natural form of melatonin?

Being outside increases this chemical, ultimately leading to a healthier sleep cycle. Surfing obviously takes place outside which can only mean one thing… more melatonin!

6) Improved flexibility.

As a beginner surfer, the motions that the sport requires, such as paddling, might feel a little bit uncomfortable at first. However, don’t be discouraged since overtime these motions will feel a lot less awkward because your flexibility will be improving!

Increasing your flexibility doesn’t just assist you in surfing, but it also prevents you from obtaining major injuries outside of the ocean.

7) Healthier skin.

There’s not many people who wouldn’t love to have glowy, smooth skin. Well, did you know that the salt found in the ocean acts as a natural exfoliant, leading to just this?

The salt cleanses your skin from any dirt, pollutants, or harsh chemicals. It can also clear up any annoying blemishes, and act as a natural (and free) form of skincare.

8) Healthier hair.

Yup, that’s right, the salt from the ocean doesn’t just make for a radiant complexion, but it also gives you locks from the gods! Since the ocean’s salt is a natural exfoliant, it deeply cleans your hair from scalp to tip, leaving you with beautiful beach waves.

9) Better Balance.

It’s no secret that standing up on a surfboard requires immense balance. Along with more experience, your balance will start to improve, and you’ll definitely notice it while out on the ocean.

Improving your balance can also assist you in your common, everyday activities. This includes things even as simple as being able to stand up straight. You’d also be surprised at how much having better balance can make other physical activities, such as hiking, biking, and skateboarding way easier.

10) Calorie burner.

Regardless of the intensity of your surf session, like any activity requiring movement, you’re guaranteed to burn calories.

Obviously, the amount is going to vary based on how long you’re out there and how the ocean’s conditions are, but nevertheless you’ll be burning more than you would if you weren’t out there and sitting at home!

Never forget that overtime these assets will continue to grow and be more present in your life.

Now that you’ve heard about these 10 incredible benefits that come with learning to surf, we hope that you will feel much more confident about signing up for that surf lesson you were maybe hesitant about.

Don’t be scared to pursue this amazing ocean activity!

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